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Skytrak Misreads Finally Solved!!!

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  • Skytrak Misreads Finally Solved!!!

    Hey all. I just wanted to post my solution to my Skytrak misread issues I've been experiencing periodically since I bought the unit a year and a half ago. It's always been inconsistent with some times being better or worse than others. I spent so much time on here and on the Google trying to find a solution that worked for me. I've tried everything from moving the ball around the red dot to lighting to changing balls to software updates and anything else I may have found and nothing eliminated the issue all together.

    So this past week has been especially horrible with misreads for some reason and today was horrendous and insanely frustrating. It would read some shots, but not all and other shots never, despite 5+ attempts. Out of nowhere, I remembered reading somewhere that the Skytrak needed to be close to the same level as the ball and I have the Full Metal Jacket protective case for it with the leveling feet dialed all the way down. Even in this position, the Skytrak still sits 3/4" higher than the ground, so I decided just to remove the three leveling feet altogether and PRESTO, perfect reads with every shot on the 9 hole course I played on TGC2019. I only had two misreads: one insanely terrible topped shot that was just atrocious and one normal putt. The topped shot shouldn't have been read, as it was that bad and for the one putt, I didn't place the ball with the logo facing the Skytrak, so as soon as I did, it never misread again.

    I'm so incredibly happy now that I can swing and play without fearing having to hit the same shot multiple times only to see that red dot continue to stare at me after every swing. I immediately ran to my office, so I could post my results here so hopefully others can try this if they are having the same issues. I was having A LOT of problems with short putts recently (5' and in) and today my 3 wood wouldn't read at all and using my lob wedge to throw up some high, short shots wouldn't read at all either. Now, no problem at all with any of these shots as soon as I removed the leveling feet. My only wish is that I would have tried this much, much sooner. Definitely would have saved a lot of frustration and aggravation while playing. Now I can just be aggravated with my play, not my Skytrak, just like everyone else. Hope this helps someone in the future!

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    On the metal case I bought off eBay, I am able to twist the feet in from above. This gives the benefit of not losing the feet, and it also gives the ability to adjust the height to less than the height of the plastic portion.


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      Good to hear you got it sorted.

      Putting feet in upside down when on hitting surface is actually in the manual: