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Japan's SkyTrak (from Xswing Golf) vs. U.S. SkyTrak (from SkyGolf)

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  • Japan's SkyTrak (from Xswing Golf) vs. U.S. SkyTrak (from SkyGolf)

    Was requested by other members of this forum to post this. Wanna see if anyone else (besides my friends) who have purchased and used the SkyTrak unit from Japan's Xswing Golf can share with the rest of us their experience with Asia's version of SkyTrak and the software developed by Japan's Xswing Golf?

    SkyTrak Japan developed by Xswing Golf is so much more advanced it's crazy:
    - iPad app that works with newly designed range background
    - already has fully functioning PC simulator with course play
    - provides various device protectors and leveling stands
    - with full local support in Korea, China and Hong Kong already
    - and all at roughly same price but in Japanese Yen and in their local currencies in the above-mentioned countries

    I called them and they said they are much more advanced because they launched the SkyTrak product earlier than their U.S. counterpart SkyGolf (and am told only difference between the two are the firmware in the unit itself and of course the software). I have recommended Xswing Golf's Japan SkyTrak to friends in Asia who have bought - they love it, zero software issues and full local customer support.

    I don't know if there is contractual agreement between Xswing Golf, SkyGolf and the actual developer of the SkyTrak unit (Rapsodo Pte Ltd - which is a Singapore company) that Xswing Golf is not allowed to market their product in U.S. or Europe? If there are no restrictions, I don't see SkyGolf being able to compete against Xswing Golf but I could be wrong (and hope I am wrong since I own the U.S. SkyGolf version of SkyTrak).

    Below is link to SkyTrak Japan (though in Japanese if you just open using Google Chrome and hit translate on top you will get site translated into English) and Xswing Golf's website: (has English)

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    I went by the Hong Kong distributor of Japan's SkyTrak today. It was pretty good and I have attached pics of their packaging, iPad app and advertisement if people are interested.


    • Rcush88
      Rcush88 commented
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      Is that stolen from James Bond?

    • siguez
      siguez commented
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      Hi doublebgey, can you give me the name and address of the distributor in Hong Kong please?
      I contacted XSwing Golf in Japan directly but they replied to me that they only had a distributor in Korea and mainland China.
      Many thanks

    • doublebogey
      doublebogey commented
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      siguez, Golf Partners ( and Golf Town ( both sell/distribute SkyTraks in Hong Kong.

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    Thanks DB.

    Question, do they have any SIM options yet? I'm shocked at the lack of co-existence between these two companies.

    It's quite unfortunate that in every way China/Hong Kong is so far ahead in tech then we are in North America.


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      Yes they have SIM option already (on PC only though) for 550,000 Yen (or ~US$5,000) but that includes the SkyTrak unit and the computer itself - see links below:

      Also their standard warranty is 1-year (as opposed to 6-months for U.S. SkyTrak). And the Hong Kong distributor gave me a lot of comfort regarding support (which is huge issue with U.S. SkyTrak) - he says any problem just bring unit in and they'll look into it and liase with Japan if necessary, and if they cannot solve problem they will ship to Japan to fix.
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        That looks really good... I wish I could translate the detailed PDF document? Can you ask them if they have any plans on translating any of their product literature over to English?


        • doublebogey
          doublebogey commented
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          Unfortunately no English as of yet though they have started translating some stuffs into Korean.

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        Below is copy and paste from U.S. SkyTrak's own Facebook page Seriously, to U.S. SkyTrak/SkyGolf: SkyTrak is a great product - so please get with the program (like your Japan counterparts) and ramp up your software development, product support and accessories. Like to see you guys succeed and hate to see a great product fail in the marketplace.
        Jimmieboi Srivatanakul This cover is an genuine accessory from Skytrak in Japan. They even have a full golf simulator (with 50 golf courses) that works with Skytrak. Let's hope the US market get it soon. The software cost 3500 USD.
        It's pricey but very well refined.
        July 5 at 8:06pm ยท Edited.
        • Darrin Whitsman Any news on the protective stand that appears to be sold in other countries? I bought materials to make my own out of polycarbonate, but I'd rather buy one premade..
          July 2 at 5:16pm
        • SkyTrak At the moment SkyTrak is only available in the U.S. & Canada. Could you (direct message) send us a link to the protective stand you have seen for sale? We are working on a shield for the unit and will update here when they are available for purchase. Thanks for your patience.
          July 4 at 10:17am
        • Jimmieboi Srivatanakul This metal protecting shield. Very high quality from Japan.

          July 5 at 2:10am
        • Darrin Whitsman Thanks for posting. That, with adjustable legs and a built in level bubble would be ideal. Neither of those features would be expensive and/or hard to implement. And as you frequently note, the unit has to be level for best accuracy. If you really want to go all out, also sell a padded case for travel to and from the range. A lot of your customers would buy both.
          July 5 at 2:40am
        • Jimmieboi Srivatanakul This protective metal cover has screws for level adjustability. There's also an acrylic version but I think the metal looks way better.
          July 5 at 7:30am
        • Darrin Whitsman Awesome, thanks for the detail. Agree that the metal looks nice. A $.50 stick on bubble level from eBay will complete the deal. Skytrak is a great product that I actively recommend to everyone I talk golf with. Still, it's amazing that this item is being produced with their logo, but the company has no idea about it. I don't mean this as an insult to the people they have handling Facebook questions--it's not their fault that the company provides inadequate training. If you look at pretty much any golf forum, you will see: 1. People love SkyTrak and fully recommend it; and 2. Calling tech support is an exercise in futility--I can't tell you how many times I've seen a post where someone describes first line tech support as being totally unfamiliar with the product. Come on SkyGolf, spend the cash and get your employees some more thorough training on your products.
          July 5 at 10:45am


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          Will they listen????????? Maybe............


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            Haha. That was my post. Skytrak is a great product and as accurate as any other hi-end LM (Trackman). I have tested Skytrak side by side against Trackman and the results were almost identical. App used was XSwing for iPad(they have a PC version too).

            About the golf sim, Japan has XSwing golf simulator that's usable with Skytrak (driving range mode, target mode, island mode, course play (20 courses) and data analysis mode for club fitting. The software is available in English as well as manuals, brochures and international customers supports (Japanese rep speaks English very well). The only downside for Japanese Skytrak is Region lock. It cannot be use with US App so I wonder whether or not it will be usable with e6 software once its launch.

            Putting mode is also usable on Japanese Skytrak. Bugs with App or network problem is not an issue at all as well. I'll be purchasing the Full Simuator software next month on my next trip to Japan. I'll have the full review by then.
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              I'm curious whether the Japanese ipad app version will work with a US purchased skytrak?

              Therefore, being able to access the great content available on the same platform but not in our country. WTF!!!

              I hope Skytrak U.S. is reading this..........maybe get your stuff together. This really isn't rocket science.


              Ok, so downloaded the XSWING App from Japan App Store.
              Found the skytrak.......only issue is there is a red light on the top by the "check".
              I have a green "check" on the app, it's connected via WIFI.

              Here's where I think the issue lies.....there's a hardware update
              H/W 1.210

              Not sure whether to do the upgrade, I have a feeling that's why I don't have 3 green lights.
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                I have that same Red/Green light when used with US Store App (mine is Japan's). It could mean that only Japan's Skytrak is only compatible with Japan's App (iOS App, PC software and sim).


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                  luv2golf Thanks for the work on downloading the Japanese version ... good to know. I assume it does not register shots? Any chance there is a place to download the 1.210 firmware?


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                    Spoke to Japan SkyTrak customer rep. He said their software will not work with SkyTrak units purchased from U.S. but he also said the only difference between the Japan and U.S. SkyTrak hardware is the firmware. So luv2golf and paschmann, if you guys figure out how to download and update firmware on the SkyTrak unit itself, pls share with all.

                    As for U.S. SkyTrak/SkyGolf, why can't you guys just go license the Japanese software or at least some of it and make it available to your U.S.-based customers? Why make life so difficult for your loyal customers who were brave enough to cough up US$2k (not to mention the $99 rip-off) just to help you beta test your product to make it better and provide free support to one another (which you can't seem to provide)???
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                    • doublebogey
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                      To U.S. SkyTrak/SkyGolf:
                      If Xswing Golf (now that they've got international customer support going - thanks for letting us all know @Jimmieboi) starts marketing internationally, U.S. SkyGolf will be left in the dust. And if your customers like our friends luv2golf and paschmann helps us figure out how to update our firmware for use with Xswing Golf software, all your existing customers will just move to Xswing Golf for software and support (which you guys can't seem to provide anyways) and new customers in the LM market will buy directly from international sales at Xswing Golf (at same price and get 1-year warranty instead of your 6-months with zero support).
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                    • davray666
                      davray666 commented
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                      I strongly doubt there is going to be any competition between Japan and US on Skytrak sales. The most probable setup is that they both made a deal with Rapsodo and got rights to sell in their respective part of the globe. E.g. not allowed for Japanese Skytrak to market and sell their goods in US or ....
                      The much needed competition will come from other brands. For those of us that bought a Skytrak US version. We will either get a much better product and support or Skytrak US will fade away and vanish from the market. I am hoping for the positive outcome, but I guess we will see.

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                    So here's my concern, I don't want to brick my skytrak by doing an update and have a 2K paperweight.
                    Not sure, maybe a tech can chime in here....... is there a firmware version loaded into the skytrak? OR is it Hardware only?


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                      Ok I've downloaded the basic Xswing app too. Same problem as luv2golf, top light stays red. But this free basic app (not the 3D range one which you need to buy) seems pretty good already - works on iPhones, even has a built-in leveling tool.

                      So yes if any tech-savvy user can chime in to help us either crack the firmware such that it is no longer region locked (so can use U.S. SkyTrak unit with this Xswing app) or update firmware so that it works with the Japanese apps w/o destroying its ability to work with the U.S. app (or in luv2golf's words, turn our SkyTraks into 2K paperweights).



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                        Yeah guys, the two are NOT interchangeable. We will have 4 sim options available here in the state by the end of summer (think next month!). New app update coming very soon too. Some of the other stuff you mentioned I just can't comment on now, but I can say this summer will be a turnaround point point for us.