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SkyTrak and WGT

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  • SkyTrak and WGT

    Hi all,

    I have seen many people asking about skytrak and WTG and it seems like that the people who are beta testing TGC and E6 have never
    played or tested WTG. It seems like nobody in this forum has tested it. There is no videos ... nothing. But from what I keep hearing
    skytrak is coming out with WTG first...? Is there anybody who has some more detailed info or talked to somebody who tested it ?
    I'm only interested cause I'm pretty sure it will be the cheapest of all versions and to test it out it would be that big of an investment.
    I own a skytrak since about 5 month and can't wait for course play. The problem is I'm on the road a lot so I will not be able to play
    on a regular basis. That's why TGC ,even that it seems to be the best choice, doesn't make much sense if it's going to be a monthly
    prescription. Really hope to get some infos or even videos about skytrak with WTG.

  • I’m giving up on WGT and have now moved to e6 1.6. After using WGT for a few months, I felt the following were top 5 MAJOR detractors:

    -Given the camera angle, I struggled to determine if hook and slice algos were exaggerated or it was alignment. Either way it did NOT match real world ball flight or Skytrak application (given my set up with a tv on the side, very hard to overcome)

    -Lack of multi-player (really the biggest reason for me)

    -Putting and approach/chipping hold greens, not an easy achievement, can be frustrating (even if you change green speed)

    -Cannot turn wind OFF

    -Not aware of any type of development cycle on the horizon, explored the net for hours, including WGT own forum.

    -Limited customizations

    On the flip side, if you are starting out or do not want to invest in a PC, at a cheaper subscription price, it represents tremendous value!
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    • I just purchased a used Sky Trak. I'm not very tech savvy. What's the best hardware to purchase to play the WGT courses? My current computer and Ipad are too old.


      • wbond
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        pretty certain wgt is ipad only. So the latest model would probably be the best.

    • It’s for IOS only. I run it on my iPhone 7 and it runs great!


      • I have just set up my SkyTrak simulator and am hitting into The Net Return with the new iPad. I really have to say that so far I am very impressed. I don't have space in my house to set up a proper simulation room so had to set something up on my rooftop balcony. I am all Mac at home so don't have a PC laptop to try other sim software but given the portability, I figure the iPad is a better option when the weather is bad and I need to go to the driving range. For my setup and for what it is, I have really enjoyed WGT. The graphics are quite good and I find that the data is quite accurate. I get very similar numbers that I do with the SkyTrak (but also factoring for wind and terrain). With the full courses, random play, challenges, etc., I think it is well worth the cost. I also like the fact that you can play in the ranked and practice mode. With practice mode, you can take mulligans and really work on your shots and strategy trying different shots.

        For putting and chipping, it must have gotten much better because I find it to be quite accurate as well. I have gotten used to the chipping and for putting, I generally accept strokes if it is reasonable but will try the put if the recommendation is 3 strokes or if I think there is a chance to do better (i.e., 2 strokes at 15 feet or less).

        I haven't been playing enough to unlock all of the courses but believe there is enough here to keep me busy and entertained for a long time.