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Non Gas Garage Heater

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    I use an electric heater and hooked it up to a line voltage thermostat.


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      I have a heat pump in my house.


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        Yeah, since we can't talk about TGC anymore the garage heater is now the new hot topic. I think we've all said about all that can be said before launch..haha!

        But seriously, I would NOT use a propane heater. Like stated above. Silent killer. It's not worth it. That Big Buddy heater stated previously has two issues: It's propane and requires good ventilation. Also you have to buy those little costly propane canisters. Even most of the gas heaters require ventilation. The 110 heaters don't put out enough heat in a cold as winter garage, trust me. I've tried..haha! Only good way to go is 220 to get the power and heat you want to warm up a cold as freezing garage!

        Just do the work and install a 220 outlet in the garage. The Remington I have puts out some serious heat and it's 100% safe!


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          He could also put in one of those nice costco or home depot fireplaces and mount a tv above it. Now we're talking first class!! Man I'm bored, this MNF game sucks!!!

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        You talking about this football game..yeah not much excitement.

        Here's another safe way to heat your garage that doesn't require ventilation.


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          Yes, I was talking about the football game or should I say yawwwwwwnnnnnnnnnn fest.

          I like that, just mount a tv above it with a net return and your in business. My bad, just clicked on the photo and it's a TV.

          Ok, so now if you have skytrak with the PIP we're rocking..........WOW has this forum degraded.

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        I know it's an old thread, but maybe it will be a timely resurrection for someone

        I personally went with overhead radiant by SRP.( but there is a few different companies depending on your shop size and needs). I personally did not want a circulating blower. And I have a lot of cast-iron in my shop.

        I would never suggest an open flame as a heating source. They add carbon monoxide to the air and excessive moisture. These type of shops need to be ventilated, which kind of screws with the heating trying to be achieved.

        If you want to do it on the cheap, a electric shop heater will get you there for under $200, but depending on where you live, and if you have NG, A higher efficiency NG heater will save you money in the long run!

        My 30,000 BTU overhead radiant with installation ran me about $1000. I was running 8000 W electric Prior I am in about 1.5-2 year payback to breakeven.


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          If you are Minnesota boy, man up and hit in shorts and a T-Shirt when its well below freezing in the garage. If you live here, you automatically are able to do that, Canadians too lol.

          Kinda joking even though I currently do that. I do have 2 Big Buddy heaters but its a pain in the ass to start those for a spontaneous sim session. I have a carbon monoxide detector in my garage and the Big Buddy heaters are supposed to auto shut off when oxygen is getting low so they should be pretty safe. The downside is they create a lot of condensation as they put out water. They also have "some" smell from burning propane. Bothers me some. I have 220 in my garage, and will be finishing insulation of my garage late winter this year. I will then install a nice big electric heater. I can't wait, shanks with irons when its sub 20 degrees hurt very badly. I also go through way more golf balls, they crack easier at freezing temps.