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New Skytrak - Not Working

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  • New Skytrak - Not Working

    Received Skytrak about 5 days ago and set-it up....Leveled / separate base from hitting mat / lighting / network connection/charged - all good.

    Did not get any shots to register with balls positioned on and around the red laser dot - probably tried 150 balls. I then tried a number of other physical adjustments to see if I could get a reading -- the only one that worked was when I raised the skytrak (about 2 inches above my hitting zone) and I received my first registered shot. In this location, it still only registers about 50% of my shots (using same club in same position) and almost no short chip shots (less then 20 yards) registered. I then re-setup my skytrak level with hitting area (not elevated about hitting area) -- no shots again.

    - Does the skytrak need to be elevated (1-2 inchs) above the hitting area ?
    - Is this what I should expect or should I return to Skytrak for Refund or Replacement ?
    - What is the process to return -- how do I contact customer support ? Couldn't find any numbers on their web site.

    Appreciate any help by more experienced Skytrak forum members.

    BTW -- For the few shots I did hit, it seemed accurate and was really fun.

    Thanks again.

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    Sounds like you got a lemon. Mine works well with the unit level with the hitting surface
    i woukd definitely return the unit.
    Found this number on Skytrak's site. I've called before and ther were fairly helpful.


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      Try doing a hard reset by inserting a paper clip on the bottom of the device. Also, call Skytrak support and open a ticket.


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        did the laser light disappear after hitting, and the top light turn red? Or no change after hit?


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          Thanks for input.

          No - the red laser didn't go out when I hit the ball.


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            yeah sounds like a lemon. I've probably had 3 no reads in hundreds of swings so far. And I'm not all that careful about leveling or ball placement either.


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              as recommended above, I'd reset it and see what happens (button in the screw hole on the bottom. need a paperclip or toothpick to access)


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                I tried reset. I'm sending back... Thanks everyone for suggestions.


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                  Is the SkyTrak in a case? Try placing it on the hitting surface with no case.


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                    When you get you new one the skytrak once you hit the ball the top light goes from green to red...about 3 seconds later you should see your shot. Anyone know what it means when all light are red?...................found out the hard way.....dead battery.

                    When this happened to me I kept turning the system on and off and same three red lights...did this about 3x. thought must be broken, then by luck I plugged it in and turned it back on...and golfing again.