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There is not enough light issues - Trackman 6.0 Impact Location

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  • There is not enough light issues - Trackman 6.0 Impact Location

    Those with deep and dark simulator bays, what are you doing to combat the issues to get the hitting area 4' wide 10' deep area all the way to the screen lit up to get to "350 LUX" whatever that means? Trackman isn't picking up any shots, and I have all my track lighting aimed at the hitting area. It's not dark by any means. Disappointed TM didn't figure out how to open aperture via a firmware update on the camera to allow more light in.


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    I bought a small light and it works pretty good. But I cant tell you the accuracy yet as I am still testing it and I need to precisely measure my club first.


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      I mean, the bay isn’t dark by any means 350 LUX seems almost impossible to achieve. Darn near need a spotlight in the bay, then you can’t see the impact screen projection.


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        You just need to light the hitting area not 10’ long.


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          Nice room btw!


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            Originally posted by TheMikeRausch View Post
            ...lit up to get to "350 LUX" whatever that means...
            LUX is a unit of light intensity over a given area.

            350 is fairly bright, think office or kitchen. Certainly brighter than most people's living rooms.

            Sounds from Leo's comment the whole room doesn't need to be that bright though. That helps a lot since for a fixed wattage bulb narrowing the beam angle will increase the lux. Shorter distance increases lux also (more dramatic with a wide beam angle).


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              I am a little lazy to upload photos but I bought a small 30W stand light and it worked fine. But impact location seemed a bit off so I don't know if it's the lighting issue or club measurement option issue. Trackman also told me that it could be due to low lighting but then they shouldn't even show the impact location if they're not confident (just like how other data don't come out).

              I will set aside a day and test it out thoroughly sometime end of this week or possibly next week and tell you some findings.

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            One update testing the impact location in my house. First of all, you really need a precise measurement to measure the horizontal and vertical distance from the center to the hosel. I did the best as I can and here are my results:

            Wedge: close.
            Iron: Pretty close.
            Driver: Way off.

            I have to go out in the range and test it again. But just from my testing, driver seemed really off. My 6 iron seemed to be the closest of all.
            Also, in the room, during the daytime with all my blinds opened and with the 30W stand light, my driver shot reading was only about 1~2 out of 10 shots. Irons about 6 out of 10 shots. Wedge about half of times. YMMV on this one since it's all about the brightness though.
            With my blinds shut and in the evening, the impact location would not come out at all even with my lights on and 30W. Trackman did recommend me to get a ceiling LED strip light. I will probably get that soon. Otherwise getting impact location is almost impossible in darkness.

            Will update once I go out and test it.
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              Another update on the lighting. There is a Trackman manual on how to set up the lighting.


              My update above was without reading that manual. After reading the manual and trying to light the hitting area properly, the impact location did pick up so much more. And I had to use the light they recommended than one I bought from Amazon. But I honestly think any bright LED light will be able to do it.

              I am doing more testing for the accuracy on the impact location and possibly a little more on different types of clubs, but all I can say is having 1 light could do it for most people. My room is fairly dark at night and just have a very dimmed LED setting, but just by using that light Trackman recommended helped me pick up the impact location quite substantially.

              I actually bought another light so I will test more to see, but one thing I noticed was 1 light wasn’t able to capture the driver shots a lot. So I will try with 2 lights now and update here.

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            Too bad on the lighting issue and hopefully they can work through it. The one thing I note is that the picture of the club that TM produces is pretty identical to what you are hitting. If I recall you also needed to input the club dimensions (also wonder if that could make up some of the small differences you note? Great unbiased testing as always Leo!


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              Thanks. I noticed a lot of people who is using this impact location is not even bothered to change the settings. But since I have HMT and I also used Dr. Scholls, I can definitely tell that Trackman was pretty off especially on a driver.

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            Trackman officially recommended this and I bought it. You also need to buy the stand. I am receiving it this week. Will update after testing.