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There is not enough light issues - Trackman 6.0 Impact Location

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  • There is not enough light issues - Trackman 6.0 Impact Location

    Those with deep and dark simulator bays, what are you doing to combat the issues to get the hitting area 4' wide 10' deep area all the way to the screen lit up to get to "350 LUX" whatever that means? Trackman isn't picking up any shots, and I have all my track lighting aimed at the hitting area. It's not dark by any means. Disappointed TM didn't figure out how to open aperture via a firmware update on the camera to allow more light in.


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    Originally posted by clubchampx9 View Post
    I used impact tape to verify and so far so good I attached a 7 iron pic
    Can you take a picture of how the led light is set up relevant to the ball? Thanks.


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      I picked up a dual head led work light from Home Depot with output rating of 7000 lumen. The light reading I got is more than 1100 Lux at the club ball impact. With this I can reliably get impact location of all clubs.


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        This: Click image for larger version

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          Sorry for the delay in sending the pictures


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            cool setup. i'm getting a ceiling adjustable can light so hopefully that'll add more lights.

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          I just re-read the TrackMan Indoor Setup guide and find this requirement regarding lighting that I previously did not pay attention to:

          Note: use minimum 200 Hz lights to avoid flicker on OERT tracking

          It could be an important requirement; however, it is in small print and easy to miss (I did). The reason it is important is that when I change the TrackMan internal video mode to 173 FPS, the display has substantial flickers, even though my LUX reading is very high (>3000 at the hitting area). I believe this "flicker" is because my light has a low frequency reading, most likely < 150 Hz.

          Does anyone know if there is some external device I can apply to increase the light frequency? Which LED light would have >200 Hz reading?