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Does the new Track man work indoors ?

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  • Does the new Track man work indoors ?

    Hi there Looking at setting up a Sim for commercial use. Would track man work for this application? or is it more used for out doors?

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    Works very well!!!


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      For me it works just fine; however, you do need sufficient space for it to be good. I would suggest reading through the information on this site and educate yourself on the pluses and minuses of everything including having more length in your spac than the minimum suggested by the manufacturer. Also suggest you read posts by Leomode as he has done some good comparisons.

      Good luck!


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        Ive used a few different LM/Radars and the TM4 has been the most consistent of them all. It’s especially good at short shots - to me thats one of the most significant differences. I also really like their software, aesthetic/usability and frequency of updates vs some of the other manufacturers.


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          Thanks guys ! appreciate the feed back! just not sure about the price difference between the X3 and TM4 , Do you guys have to put the stickers on the balls with the TM4 indoors ? Thanks


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            Are you planning on using it primarily for practice or indoor simulation?


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              Both actually, I have gc2 and and it’s great but when u have a lefty and righty it gets annoying moving it. Thought about getting a second gc2 but hard to find and will be at same cost as x3


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                Golf simulator guys sell a insert that will spin for gc2. Check it out.
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