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Trackman Radar Launch Monitor

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  • Trackman Radar Launch Monitor

    Any folks out there using a Trackman for simulation? Probably plenty of teaching pros using one for launch and club data.
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    Anybody planning on a Flightscope? Obviously the next big thing is the X1. Anyone planning on using one?


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      I did not think you could putt with a trackman.
      GC2 Eastern Time Zone, USA


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        That is a problem with Trackman for sure. You can select auto putt or select a number for your putts. Not great. I think they were also looking into teaming with another hardware for putting. Perhaps they should contact Protee to look at the putting sensor! Soft chips may also be an issue.


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          TM is great for outdoors but requires a lot of space indoors. IMO, the cost is too much for home simulator use and the annual fee for service/updates makes no sense to me. Club fitters and teaching pros can write the cost off on their taxes and recoup the cost from the earnings, which helps.


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            I agree, it certainly is not cheap and requires a lot of room. Probably a limited home user market, but anyone out there have one?


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              The technology in the Trackman is second to none, and I guess that is why it gets so much love from the pro's. But lord, it is outrageously expensive (only my opinion based on what I think is affordable).


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                It's indoor accuracy compared to a camera based system is an ongoing debate!


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                  New Trackman newsletter


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                    Bubba, I have the TM unit for indoor use and will set it up this winter for simulation. I am happy to share openly all of my experiences for those who have questions. To date I have built my cage and have been hitting using the TPS software, which has been great. It did take a bit of time to get a set-up that worked good for me but have been overall happy to date. On the sim front for TM, they are using E6 and putting is taken care of using what Truegolf refers to as TruePutt (I believe this used to be marketed as the TrueTrack compact by TrueGolf a couple of years ago). Cost on the sim putter addon is about $900.

                    What I like about the TM,

                    1. Combine
                    2. Ball data
                    3. Club data (hard to get club data on my 56 and 52 wedges though)
                    4. Video hook up capability to iPad ( wish I had an iPhone as I could record using the 120 frames per second)
                    5. Customer support (outstanding on all fronts)
                    6. Easy to set up
                    7. Distance gapping with my clubs at what ever elevation and temperature I like.
                    8. The optimizer feature


                    1. It does require a lot of room (my thoughts are that around 21 feet would be ideal - this is from front of the Trackman to the net). I have just under 20 feet and I believe is why it took a little longer to tweak for me, that combined with the fact that my floor in my garage is not level.

                    2. Still get the odd time when the system does not read anything. I am planning a remote session with TM to ID the cause.

                    3. It was a little pricey, for me $5k less would have been ideal.

                    4. The software and hardware annual fees are on the high side for a home user. I need to decide what I will do on this front as it is not mandatory.

                    5. As I have it set up indoors, it does take a little time in setting up the target line as I have to wait for the camera iris to adjust to the lack of light.

                    6. Not able to read putts with just the unit, I guess the putter would get in the way. Their is a solution that I will buy (as noted above), but this will require a little more set-up to get the true put into my room.

                    If anyone has any questions, please ask.
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                      Thanks for the very informative post. I've used the Trugolf systems and familiar with TruTrac club/putting sensor. It's decent. I have the e6 also and now waiting for the e6 update that's coming out this fall. It's suppose to have online play.

                      Btw, could you please post some pics of your setup in the sim pictures thread?



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                        Thanks for the information Zmax, it's good to know that you have tested this, as I am also waiting for the update and will order the software plus the putting sensor. Not sure of what the hold up is though as I was told it would all be ready a little over a week ago. Will call for an update. I will definitely post pics once everything comes in. I do have my screen and projector ready to go, just waiting on the software and of course the season to end to get all these final things installed in my room. I hope to be fully up and running by the end of the month. Until then, I will hitting into my net on TPS.


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                          Perhaps hold off on buying the software until I post my review of the updated e6? In case you didn't know, my e6 review was not favorable. Putting for example was pretty bad. The e6 update is suppose to improve the looks of the greens, ball physics, and overall textures. We'll see.

                          Since TM partnered up with Perfect Parallel a while ago, perhaps they might consider integrating with TGC? PP is not even at beta yet. ProTee is open to integrating TGC with any company, so maybe you can call TM about and ask if they would be interested?


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                            Never hurts to ask if they have plans to expand their offering, will keep everyone posted.


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                              Thanks Dax. Keep us posted. You should contact Trackman about integration with TGC. Would love to see some pics of your setup.