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How to viewing your E6 Handicap calculation

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  • How to viewing your E6 Handicap calculation

    Does anyone know how to see I can see my E6 handicap? I have found the handicap on-line but was wondering if there is a way to see it when playing a course and how its being calculated?

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    Originally posted by MJPULS View Post
    Does anyone know how to see I can see my E6 handicap? I have found the handicap on-line but was wondering if there is a way to see it when playing a course and how its being calculated?
    I remember you had to play 4 or 5 full 18 holes to get a handicap. Then once that is set up, just before you play the game when you choose your player, when you login using your account you will see your handicap on that same page along with where to choose your tee-off pin.

    Hope this helps.


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      Thanks Leo, I have played 33 rounds and I can see the handicap on the screen but was wondering how to see the details on how it's calculated? I was a 6 and played in the online put-out tournaments and had 54 putts for 18 holes in round 1 and 51 in round 2. I 5 putted from 24 inches....Skytrak was having issues registering short putts so I wanted to see how many more rounds until those scores are removed from my handicap.


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        I commend you for being able to finish a round with 54 putts. If that was me, guaranteed something would have needed to be repaired!!

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        Please see below link for the explanation on handicap from e6.

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      I guess your where playing the most recent tournament which required putting everything...I quit after a few holes and moved on to the other one which allows 2 puts per green.


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        I believe the way a handicap works is your worst scores are NEVER counted. Say your shot 10 rounds of 85 and two rounds of 102...well, the 102 rounds would not even count in the next calculation.


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          As soon as you login to the E6 software, your handicap is next to your display name. On the scorecard it puts red dots on the holes you get strokes on. It only takes 3 rounds until you get a handicap. As explained to me by someone from Trugolf, the handicap system is performance based. Anytime you take a swing on your profile even if you are practicing that info is used in determining your handicap. I don't know why they do it that way. I believe traditional handicap systems use the best 10 out of the last 20 rounds you play to determine your handicap.

          In my league, we create fresh handicaps every year because new players always make a huge leap from year 1 to year 2 and they would have a huge handicap advantage. Also, we don't allow play on league profiles for any reason except league play. All players have other profiles to play non league rounds on if they don't want to play as guest.

          We run a flighted skins game that uses handicaps. We also pay out for low gross, low net on each of the 9 holes as well as closet to the pin on the par 3's. Even though they have a strange way of determining handicaps, all of the handicaps seam reasonable enough to play with.


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            Interesting, if it does take into account anytime your logged in even for practice ...wonder how that is calculated.

            Penrose, I can pretty much guarantee E6 takes into account your worst rounds, at least for a time period as my handicap went from a 6 to a 12 after one round....played another 3-4 rounds since then and I am back to my 6 again so not sure if the drop off point is 3 rounds or not?....