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Tips for attaching impact screen to angle iron directly on studs?

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  • Tips for attaching impact screen to angle iron directly on studs?

    Hi all - new build in a sim shed using Uneekor QED and TGC 2019, and I’m hoping someone can give me some tips on the enclosure and impact screen questions below.

    The wall for the impact screen is 13.5’ wide by about 15’ high (see attached pic of wall). My plan is to install angle iron from floor to ceiling attached to the studs one foot off of the back wall, (see pic of angle iron from Home Depot), and then to attach DBgolf’s impact screen with bungee balls and tarp clips directly to the angle iron.

    The screen I ordered is 18’ wide, so I will need to fold the screen about 5’ before securing it.

    Question 1:
    Any tips for folding the screen? Should I fold it 5’ on one side or 2.5’ on both sides?

    The screen is 10’ high, but the angle iron on the ceiling will be 15’ above the floor, so I will have about 5’ above the screen that will need to be covered with something. I bought Black Commando Canvas from to cover above the screen.

    Question 2:
    How should I attach the impact screen to the angle iron on the ceiling? Longer bungees? Also, how should I attach the Black Commando Canvas from the ceiling to the top of the screen? Does anyone know if there’s a Velcro that will stick to both the angle iron and DBGolf’s Impact Screen? I would also need to know the answer to that question for how to attach the Commando Canvas to the sides covering the angle iron, bungees, and sides of screens.

    For the bottom, I’m leaning towards not using angle iron on the floor, but just wrapping the bottom of the screen under itself and placing sand bags on it to stop balls from rolling underneath. Please let me know if anyone has a better idea.

    As for bounce back, it seems like there’s differing opinions on what to do, but a lot of people use memory foam. I can order a California King 3” memory foam mattress topper from Amazon for about $100. It’s 70” x 82”, so it should cover the vast majority of my impact area.

    Question 3: Does the memory foam mattress topper get stuck to the wall somehow, and the screen pushes back into it when a ball hits it? Or does the memory foam mattress topper get attached to the angle iron and rest against the impact screen? I’ll have about 9” of room between wall and screen with this foam topper, so should I add something else behind the screen?

    Please let me know your thoughts.

    Thanks, all!
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    Pretty sweet project you have going there!

    I'm not sure I can answer your questions directly but I do have some more general suggestions.
    • Have a look at Carl's Place. They have a ton of kits and individual components that would likely work or at the least provide you with some additional ideas.
    • I found this to be particularly helpful. I didn't buy all of the kit parts, but I did use this info to create my own.
    • I would look into metal conduit instead of the angle iron. This would eliminate sharp edges that could cut through screen material. If you want to secure the conduit to the studs you could use some U-shaped brackets.
    • I used these types of bungees to secure my screen to the frame that I built. You rap bungee around the frame and run the ball through the loop.
    • I'm not familiar with the impact screen you're using but the tension of the screen should control the bounce back. To loose and it will flop. To tight and you'll be in the firing line of balls flying back at you.
    • Me and another buddy both use rubber tubing filled with sand that we attach or sew into the bottom edge of the screen. This adds the weight and allows for enough flexibility. I've found that it's best if the bottom of screen can fly up on impact. The weight attached to the bottom of the screen will allow for this. If you attach the bottom or place too much weight on the bottom it will increase the spring effect instead of a deadening that you want.
    • Occasionally, balls get under and behind my screen. It's annoying but rare and not dangerous.
    • I've used black bed sheets with some of the remnant blackout cloth from Carl's. It's super cheap and I was able to use the extra as paint drop cloths
    • Instead of folding you may be able to wrap the screen evenly around the outside of your frame. Then you could secure each of the folded ends to each other with bungees behind the screen to control the tension.
    At the end of the day, there are numerous ways to build things and it looks like you're on the right track. Hope my ideas and experiences help your build!


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      Thanks, BirdieBalls! I’m glad to hear the tubes with sand placed on the bottom of the screen works well. I will try that. As for your bed sheets and remnants, are they filling the entire area behind your screen and wall? Do you have any issues keeping the screen flat, and do you watch movies on it at all?

      I agree that CarlofLet is a great resource. I’ve spoken with them a number of times throughout this process so far. In the end, I opted to buy a screen from DBGolf on this forum, as it was of equal or better quality for 1/3 the price. The only issue is that the screen is unfinished (no grommets), so I need to use bungee balls and tarp clips attached to something.

      I also considered building a custom enclosure from 1” EMT according to GungHoGolf’s plans on this forum, but I really want the impact screen and black canvas to follow the shape of the entire wall, which doesn’t work with EMT easily.

      In my mind, the angle iron will outline the entire wall and ceiling, thereby allowing the impact screen and black canvas to fill the entire shape of the wall/ceiling.

      I guess my main questions are how to secure the impact screen to angle iron on the ceiling, and whether there is some kind of Velcro or fabric glue that will attach to the Impact Screen, angle iron, bungees, and Black Canvas.

      Thanks, all!


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        Fold over all the excess material on one side. That way if/when the impact area starts to wear, just unroll some and you will have a new impact section. You can just use longer bungees or even rope to go from ceiling to top of the screen, you may need quite a few. As for covering this area, look at the following link for what i used as side and top trim. You can get velcro and this stuff sticks right to it. You may not even need to have it attach to the screen, it should just hang straight down and overlap the screen a bit.


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          Thanks, Wbond! Do you think this carpet velcro’d directly to the angle iron on the sides will be enough to deflect any balls that might hit it, or do you think I will need to attach foam around the angle iron before attaching the black carpet? The black canvas I have now looks very nice, but I’m guessing a ball will ricochet right off it. Thanks for your help!


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            Carpet won’t do anything to deflect balls


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              What did you end up doing to cover the angle iron and wall protection. I’m using angle iron too.


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                I was thinking about black carpet with Velcro idea and use a bolt through the carpet and grommets with wing nuts on the back.