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Upgrading my Current Simulator

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  • Upgrading my Current Simulator

    Currently I am using the Optishot 2 simulator and the attached pictures are my current set up in my garage and am looking to upgrade to either Protee TGC or a Skytrak LM. I have been reading the forums about both but am looking for some further input and if other readers can answer some of my questions. I have searched the forums endlessly and have not found answers to these particular questions. Also in the long one in each opinion, what do you think the better option would be, if you had to choose between either one?

    My questions are regarding mostly Protee and they are:

    1. With the Optishot even though I have it covered with a thicker hitting mat it still makes a rather loud sound if I hit a fat shot. Does the protee base have a similar loud sound?

    2. The Vertical camera has to be how far away? I have seen on the specs for the room that its usually 7 feet away from the middle of the sensor base, is that the minimum distance?

    3. The camera would be set up behind me since I am a Right handed golfer which would be the left side of the room, would that be the correct placement?

    4. I would like to continue to use my TV instead of using a projector, am I still able to use my Net Return net or would I have to get an impact screen?

    5. I decided in the future to add a second camera, would I be able to use it with a net and what is the minimum distance required from base to net/screen?

    Thank you for your opinions and advice.
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    Here is another view of my garage setup.
    Click image for larger version

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      I have a ProTee and can provide some input.

      1/ ProTee is a lot quieter than the OptiShot when you hit fat shots, and for most other shots as well. (I also have the OptiShot so have experience with the sound).

      2/ The vertical camera positioning is somewhat approximate. A bit closer or a bit farther won't affect performance.

      3/ My camera is behind me and that is the preferred location to reduce the possibility of capturing the clubhead image.

      4/ No need for an impact screen as it is not tied into the function of the Protee sensors at all. Your net can still be used.

      5/ The Horizontal camera should work fine with the net. It is placed just above and forward of the sensors, and is well away from the net.

      Be aware that the ProTee sensor is bigger and thicker than the OptiShot. You should still be able to incorporate it into your Monster mat.

      The ProTee and SkyTrak are in different leagues. ProTee is a bona fide simulator made even better with the integration of TGC. SkyTrak is still struggling with support issues, software development and does not yet have a functioning sim offerring.


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        Thank you for you input aja! Really nice info. I do have 2 more questions:

        1. Ceiling height is just about 9 feet + a few inches as i see most recommend 10 ft

        2. With the overhead lights. how much natural light can be allowed? (saying during the daytime would i have to cover up the majority of the windows in my garage door)


        • aja
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          Ceiling height is not really an issue as the main one for ProTee is positioning the lights over the sensor(s). Height variation of the light source won't affect performance.

          Not sure about natural light as my set-up is in a windowless room. I do think that you will have to control daylight since the spot lights are emitting similar wavelengths as sunlight/daylight.

          I can use my ProTee in a bright room (other room lights on) beacuse my room lighting is CFL - compact fluorescents (the economy light bulbs). Their wavelength does not affect the ProTee. It does however wash out my projector's image, so I generally don't do this.

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        Once Skytrak gets simulation functions the major difference between the two systems you mentioned will be spin measurement/lack of required sensor mat.