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Where can I get this enclosure?

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  • Where can I get this enclosure?

    Hello all, new to this forum and have benefited greatly from all the information on here. I am looking to put a simulator in my basement that is unfinished at this time, just looking for a simple, cost effective option for the short term. Will eventually refinish the basement and do a formal setup but wanted something to get going now. I found this picture on houzz and have not been able to find a similar enclosure with netting and screen online. I want this one as the sides appear to be adjustable allowing for them to be opened outwards. I have 18 ft of width to work with but didn't want to get a super wide screen. This way, I can get a smaller screen (say 8ft tall and 10-12 ft wide ) and still be able to open up the sides to ensure that I don't accidentally swing into the sides. Any help directing me to it or something similar would be great.

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    ebay look up golf enclosures you will need to buy the EMT piping


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      thanks aeroburner, but all the ones I seem to find are the usual square cages not one with movable corner bottom and top connectors for the EMT pipes..


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        Custom design golf. Go to that website. Or go to Par2Pro. They both sell that

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          thank you so much. That is what I have been looking for, the ones on custom design golf!


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            That's the one I have from Custom Design Golf. It's a great setup.


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              Here are what the Custom Design Frame, commercial net and impact screen looks like... I've beat the hell out I feel it for about 3 years now...
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                The hinging system on the CDG folding kit is nothing more than the side panels frames being zip tied to impact panel frame. I was disappointed when I discovered this but it does work.

                If you want to minimize your cost you can make entire enclosure cheaper by buying the 1" EMT fitting at If you go beyond 10' wide I think you'll be happier with the 1" EMT as opposed to the 3/4" you'll get with the CDG kit.

                Shop around for white #30 golf rope netting for behind impact screen and black #18 to #30 rope netting for side and top panels.

                Harbor Freight has black mesh tarps that can be used for black out curtains that will block out 60 to 70% of the light. If your savy you can buy 1 large tarp, cut it to size and buy a $4.00 brass grommet kit so you install the grommets at whatever intervals you want.

                Add a bag or two of 100 heavy duty 10" zip strips and you have an enclosure better than the CDG kit and saved a few bucks you can put into the more important pieces like projector, screen, launch monitor, computer, cables, software, putting green, hitting mat and launch monitor. If you don't want the hassle, go to Custom Design Golf.


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                  That is a great suggestion... I might look into going the more DIY route and price it out. For those that have ordered or built enclosures, if I want a 8x10 screen or 8x 11 screen, how much extra clearance is there to the top and sides within the enclosure? In other words, how much larger do the dimension of my enclosure need to be? 3" per side to account for bungee cords or zip ties?

                  Also do most use zip ties or something elastic like bungee cords, or straps to connect the screen for best assessment of tension?


                  • djwang
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                    You can also get canopy fittings designed for gable-peaked roofs -- has 3 different angles (in addition to the flat 90) -- I'm sure all the sites have them, but not all sites list the actual angles. I was actually looking for something closer to 135 degrees, but the 120 turned out to be perfect (well, I think anyway, still waiting on my impact screen, but I think it's going to be perfect...). One tip - the structure of the 3 way fittings is different than that of the 90 degree elbow, such that you will need to cut the upright EMT poles to be different lengths

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                  I built my frame 6" bigger than the width and length to support stretching netting. 9" would have worked a little better. I couldn't go the extra 3" on width cause it would interfer with electrical panel and garage opener unit too much. I got my screen at CDG and it attaches with 5 zip ties at the top thru grommets and a bungee in each of the bottom corners.

                  I initially started with 10' long sides but I'm cutting them back to 5' sides and doubling the netting on the sides. When my buddies shank one into the garage wall, I'm gonna make them Autograph & Date the ball and glue it in place on the walls of shame. Should make for some good stories....Lol.


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                    I am planning on making a 8ft 4" X 10FT wide enclosure and planning on a 8x10 screen. I ordered connectors from as suggested and ended up getting both the high peak and regular peak angled connectors that will flare out my side panels. Will see which angle I like when I get them. I purchased the 1" EMt tubes from home depot today and had them cut 5ft x 4, 10ft x 2 and unfortunately 8ft 4" X 2 for the uprights( brain fart in not getting 2 more for the 4 vertical pillars). maybe a blessing in disguise as as djwang stated the L brackets may have a different insertion depth than the 3 point ones...
                    Appreciate the suggestion of the 6" difference in enclosure vs screen. I might decide to maybe not fully insert the EMT pipes before tightening the screw or just fold over the screen at the edges as I might use tarp clips to hold it to the enclosure instead of grommets or straps...haven't decided on this yet as I haven't decided on which screen to get. Likely going with supertex screen but will make some calls tomorrow to finalize...
                    was hoping to get some heavy material to cover the side panels and maybe over the top to not only be protective like netting but also block out some light..any one with suggestions of a heavy weighted fabric..I know par2pro has some HQ drapes but likely more expensive than my budget will allow. And I don't like the shine, look of tarp.
                    I have some 10x10 white archery netting from S&s that I have been using for my current hitting net and will attach some more grommets to it to use as the netting behind the screen.


                    • SirNeedaSim
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                      I would suggest holding off on blocking light out until you see if you need to. I fired my projector up the other night and think I might just return my Harbor Freight panels because I think its overkill. I think open net side panels are good enough. Regardless its a simple finishing off piece easily added later. Don't forget about bottom bar protection to protect yourself or others against mishits that strike the bar and fly back at you. Read about that in some other posts.

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                    Thanks for the info. So far have the net and frame up, projector mounted. Found old fleece blanket as hitting screen. Can't wait for real screen to get here. Ordered regular netting from amazon to put on sides and most importantly on top/ceiling. Played a hole and was unable to get out of sand as I was afraid to hit sand wedge hard enough for fear of destroying my heating vents!


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                      Eric mine is very similar to what your doing.. I bought everything from par2pro and custom design golf..
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                      • Ericft
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                        Tonyd, looks good. What are the dimensions of your frame, screen relative to it, distance of projector from screen and aspect ratio. Also distance of cage from back wall and length of side walls of cage? Thanks

                      • zamundan
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                        Hi Tony D, I have a question about your setup... what happens if/when a ball hits one of the bars of the frame that supports the screen?

                        I'm putting together ideas for my first simulator build, and your net/screen/ceiling protection looks similar in my mind to what I imagine I'd like mine to look like. The only part I can't account for with this setup is the safety aspect of a ball ricocheting back at me. I don't have enough room to be centered on the screen, so my intended impact area is only going to be 2-3 feet away from the right edge. I imagine it'll only take one session before I hit a push and it collides with the vertical frame member on the right side. I can also easily imagine myself popping one up and hitting the horizontal frame member at the top.

                        Have you hit any shots that nail one of the bars? How bad is the outcome? (It looks like there's no significant padding or anything on the bars.... or am I missing it?)

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                      I've talked the manager of my local pub to put a golf simulator in his bar. I'm going to make up 3x3x3m cage myself , the only thing that's stumping me is the black material that the aforementioned companies use, is it some sort of viny? Is there a thread that explains the best way to strap it to the frame? Or can I use drapes, would that look ok? I know I could buy it turnkey but being stingy I know I could save a lot of money doing it myself. Thanks to anyone who can point me in the right direction.


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                        Eric my frame is 8x10 just the way you want it.. my screen is 7.6x9.6. My aspect ratio 4:3. And my projector is behind me approx 18 ft away from the screen. It is not a short throw.. the back of my screen is about 15 inches from my back wall. My side walls are 5 ft in length. And that blue that you see is plastic tarp that I bought at home depot. And I attached it to the frame using 10 inch bungee cords. That side of my garage measures in total 20 ft long by 10 ft wide... any more questions Eric, let me know I'm here to help... Tony. Forgot to mention I bought the screen at custom design golf from John Correlli. Great guy. 299 plus shipping for that exact size.. great screen my first one lasted me 3+ years. And I'm on my second one.