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Turf surround questions. Raise just the hitting area to screen or the entire room?

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  • Turf surround questions. Raise just the hitting area to screen or the entire room?

    So I'm hoping to finish my sim room after using it for about a year in my new house. My hitting area is 14' wide x 14' deep. I've just been using a 5 x 5 CCE mat with an 8 x 10 area rug between the mat and the screen. Other than those two areas the rest of the room is all tile. I was thinking of doing either carpet or a quality turf around my mat to the screen, BUT, that would leave two separate sections of the room where the floor is a couple inches below the turf area. One on the side (9' x 8 ' area) and the other behind the hitting area (14' x 8' area). I would rather not do the entire room in turf because of cost and just trying to make the rest of the room more aesthetically pleasing but I'm worried people are going to be tripping on the edges of the turf area when entering and exiting the room.
    Does anyone have any advice in this regard?
    Would be better to just have the whole space at one level?
    I will post some pics of my space when I get a chance but the set up is such that you have to pass through the turf/raised area to move the to opposing sides of the room.

    Thanks all for your input.

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    My hitting area is raised and hasn't been a concern as far as tripping goes (even for the kiddos). I did not worry about getting the hitting area raised to the match the screen, just raised enough for my fiberbuilt insert to sit flush with the stance area. To close the gap to the screen I use mattress wedges covered in outdoor carpet.