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Fiberbuilt yardage numbers on GC3?

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  • Fiberbuilt yardage numbers on GC3?

    Wondering if anybody’s experiencing any yardage discrepancies with Fiberbuilt mats. Went to the course today and I’m a full 10 yards longer on my irons than what I’m getting on my GC3’s simulator with Fiberbuilt grass series 4x7 mat. Thanks.

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    I cannot speak to the GC3 aspect of the question, but I have been using the FB Combo Grass series mat for several years now and I find my distances pretty bang on so I am not certain it is the mat. Could be several things though, different golf ball in your sim, low ceiling height causing swing speed or other swing change, cool basement vs hot outside air temp, elevation differences between GC3 and outdoors or even a combination of all.

    For me, single biggest selling factor for the FB mat was (is) protection from injury, so hopefully you can resolve your issue - it is a great mat choice IMO.