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Congrats to @TheRock21 (NET) and @jwheels9876 (NET) and @rhart (GROSS) winning the TGC 2018 SPRING TOUR - Valero Texas Open !

Join this weeks TGC 2018 Spring Tour - Zurich Classic of New Orleans with 2 rounds at Banff Springs (Pro Tee) :
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Projector Feedback/Comparison

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    I wouldn't be too concerned about a projector not having a 16:10 mode - I have a 2150ST which doesn't have a 16:10 mode, but I'm throwing up a 16:10 image without stretching or losing any game info off screen - I just toss 100 pixels away off each side and configure JNPG to run at 1720x1080 instead of 1920x1080. Much better resolution than the MW632ST's native 16:10 resolution of 1280x800.


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      I am going through this now. Really seems like the 2150 is one to get. My screen will be 10x8, but I was going to get the sky track from allsports to be able to play sim at 4:3 and movies/tv at widescreen..

      the problem is that it statistically seems weak regarding light, but everyone says they are bright. I haven't figured lighting out yet, but i will be able to control it some, but I will want garage doors to be open for air flow, however screen will be 90* to doors and inside a 4-5' side blacked out cage so that should help?

      is the 2150 the way to go for golf and movies? Is the darbee also 4:3/widescreen? I can't get past how the darbee is lighter on paper but people here say the 2150 is brighter than other 3k projectors......

      also my ceiling is 12', but I am not opposed to hanging a board lower and installing the sky track on that to get the projector lower

      also planning on hitting from 9-10' and projector calculator has the 2150 at like 99" for widescreen and 108" for 4:3 so that should be good with shadows.
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