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16:9 or 4:3. With screen 12 x 9

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  • 16:9 or 4:3. With screen 12 x 9

    I have a screen 12 x 9 and would like to be able to play golf with the option of watching movies as well. I am unsure if I am better off getting a projector with native 4:3 or 16:9.

    The 4:3 seems to be a better fit for golf and my screen - but if I want to watch widescreen movies, I will get the bars on the top and bottom. The 4:3 is also less resolution than the 16:9

    If I go with the 16:9 then there will be around 18” of blank space on top or bottom when playing golf, or if I switch to 4:3 when playing golf, I will have thick bars left and right.

    My guess is I will probably be using the simulator 90% of the time and movies only occasionally.

    has anyone else had this dilemma? Would love to hear people’s opinion on what they think is best.

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    i have a Optoma GT1080 my hitting screen is a similar dimension to yours, to maximise the immersion i run TGC in 1600x1200 which is a 4:3 ratio and a resolution that my projector supports natively. i've got a pull down movie screen hung in front of my golf screen which is a 16:9 widescreen, the projector is on a rail which moves closer to the screen when i want to watch movies.

    i'd always recommend filling as much of the hitting screen as possible, 4:3 filling the entire screen is better than 16:9 with blank space at the top and bottom. FYI 1600x1200 is 1.92 million pixels, 1080p is 2.07 million pixels so not a massive increase in quality.


    • Whiskeyjack
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      Good information. This is the projector I was looking at to buy. I think I'll try it out on the floor and see which looks the best and then hang it from the ceiling.

    • Golfbeat
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      I am planning to buy the Optoma GT1080 Darbee. My screen will be 13' by 9'. At what distance do you have the projector from the screen and at what height? Also, what rail are you using? Thanks!

    • Sramp17
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      Golfbeat check out my post here

      I'm trying to decide between 13x8 or 13x9 image size roughly. I pictured in that thread the 16:9 ratio at 13 wide as well as distance from my wall. Have not checked out distance for 4x3 yet

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    I have two projectors, one short throw for golf, and another for cable and movies. Might not be the most economical solution, but it works well and I don't need to change resolutions or move a projector to go from golf to movies.


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      I started last year with Optishot 2 and a 42” monitor. I upgraded to SkyTrak, then bought JNPG. I have now decided to upgrade further with a hitting screen and projector. After loads of research, and advice, I will be going for a 1080p projector but adjusted to a 4:3 aspect ratio - to fill the screen. The limiting factor for me buying a projector was the throw ratio - there is an optimal placement in my set-up. I have just opted for the BenQ TH671ST. I should have it up and running in a couple of weeks, after replacing my garage door to create further space and increase security.

      i hope this helps others. In the meantime, if anyone has the same projector, I would be pleased to hear from your


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        I have the same Benq but only for a couple of weeks. I like it so far a projecting on a 8 x 14 screen. Looks very nice with HD. Screen no complaints yet


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            BWJones How do you solve the connections for two projectors, separate hdmi cables or a splitter/switch?


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              Originally posted by Snaphook View Post
              BWJones How do you solve the connections for two projectors, separate hdmi cables or a splitter/switch?
              I have 2 hdmi connections. I am running one projector directly from my computer for golf, and the other from my Denon home theater amp/video switch for movies and television viewing. In theory, I could run my computer thru my Denon, but I put the computer system in first before home theater and did not want to add additional components to my golf setup.


              • Snaphook
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                Ok i see.
                I do that today to a monitor i have on the wall (i use that as an extended screen) , i have two outputs on my receiver so maybe i could do it this way and just turn off one output when watching movies? (Would rather have something automatic)