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Suggestions for a cheap projector?

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  • Suggestions for a cheap projector?

    Hi all,

    ive a very limited budget & was looking for a short projector which would provide an ok picture until I can afford an upgrade.

    ive seem some on eBay for £200 gbp such as the dell s320, I was just wondering if this would be an ok option (looking to project a screen size around 135”), or if anyone has any suggestions as to a good stop gap projector??

    many thanks for your time.

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    This is my setup I got off eBay ulta-short throw for $200.00 has been a good one and lasted a long time. Just need to check out the specs and make sure it will handle the job you want it to do before you buy.


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      What golf simulator system are you using?

    • BGCurtis2nd
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      golfallyear at the time that photo was taken I was trying to use the ES-16 to play TGC, I now have a GC2.

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    Thank you for the reply, i think the image you've got really looks excellent for a $200 projector.

    Do you know what size your image is?

    I think i could get away with a smaller image if i need to certainly (as i appreciate if i'm not spending much money there are going to be limitations)

    Thanks for taking the time to reply, appreciate it.


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      This was a factory refurbished unit, the screen is 9' x 12' and the projector is about 4 1/2' from the screen and set back into a pocket. It will do larger image sizes and I am thinking about going to a bigger screen but for now still working on getting it back to where I can use it again(sims room got filled). Always glad to be of help when I can, just make sure native resolution is in the 1080 range.


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        Thanks again for that, do you know happen to know what model of hitachi your projector is just on the off chance something similar is floating around on eBay?


        • BGCurtis2nd
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          Hitachi CP-A220N 3LCD
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