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Shadow Concerns and Projector Options

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  • Shadow Concerns and Projector Options

    I have purchased a TM4 and have things set up at our house and I am now in the process of selecting the projector for our golf room. Based on the rough-in, here are some specific details:
    • Screen Size: 12’-2” wide x 8’-10” tall which sets up for a 4:3 ratio if we want the entire screen filled
    • Screen to Center of Hitting Mat: 10’-6”
    • Center of Hitting Mat to Radar: 9’-6”
    • Current Roughed-In Projector Location: Hung from soffit that matches top of impact screen (8’-10”) and is 2’-0” in front of radar or 18’-0” from impact screen. This can be moved forward and be 2’-0” higher if we moved it in front of the soffit and closer to the screen (area above hitting mat has a ceiling height of 11'-0")
    • The space is in a basement with one small window that could be blacked out so lumens are not really a major issue
    I am seeking advice on the screen format and projector types. The impact screen and projector will be exclusive to golf and we do not intend to use it for television or movie viewing. My questions are:
    • Screen Ratio: Would it be better to have the screen filled up completely with a 4:3 ratio or is the resolution more important which would warrant a 16:10 format? Based on a 12'-0" wide screen, the vertical image would be 7'-6" and we would have about 18" of blank screen at the top or the bottom.
    • If we go with a 16:10 ratio, is it better to have the blank at the top, at the bottom or split between the two?
    • Shadows: I don't know how to calculate and determine if the set up is going to generate shadows if we install the projector as described above. I am willing to move it closer and higher or consider a short throw projector but was hoping that we could use a standard throw and install as roughed-in since the space is 100% finished and complete. We have identified two Epson laser series units that have horizontal and vertical lens adjustment capability that would be an optical correction. I am told that thus should keep the image from being distorted.
    • Projectors: We are exploring two Epson Laser series products and I after securing advice on the ratio (4:3 versus 16:10), I was hoping to get some insight on either of these two products:
      • Epson PLL610 - Laser Phospor, 6,000 lumens, 4:3 format, 2,500,000:1 contrast with vertical and horizontal lens shift capability
      • Epson PLL510U - Laser Phospor, 5,000 lumens, 16:10 format, 1920x1200 resolution, 2,500,000:1 contrast with vertical and horizontal lens shift capability
    Thanks in advance for any advice on screen ratio, projector mounting location as it relates to the shadows and projector advice.

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    Having a projector 18 feet away, especially for an 8 x 12 screen is not the best idea!

    Much better location for a projector is just forward of the hitting position. This set-up avoids shadows since the hitter is already behind the projector (with respect to the impact screen...)

    The projector type is called "short throw". It will project the required image from a fairly close position.

    Look at for more information


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      Thanks for the comments. I could not afford to have Trackman completely engineer and install my system but had found some design guidelines online. I attached the one document that I used to help rough in everything here and it shows the projector slightly forward from the radar and behind the hitting location. I satisfy both of their minimum dimensions for the distance between impact screen and hitting mat and hitting mat to radar so I was hopeful that the 18' dimension would not be an issue if I bought a standard throw projector of decent quality. I am still wondering if the 4"3 quality will provide a good enough image quality on the impact screen or if I will be disappointed and need to incorporate a 16:10.