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Long HDMI cable

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  • Long HDMI cable

    I have been looking on Amazon for a 40 foot HDMI cable. There are plenty of choices but I'm confused on a couple of issues. One is "bidirectional". The other is hertz (30 or 60). I'm running a PC with a GeForce RTX 2060 video card and connecting to an Optoma GT 1080 HDR projector. I'm fairly certain my max resolution will be 1080 which is fine. But I don't know if I need anything special in terms of direction and hertz. I connected today using a 10 foot HDMI cable that I have had for a few years. Looked great. So the question is, can I go with a quality, standard HDMI cable at 40 feet? Thanks.

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    Have a look at They have good cables at really good prices. At the length you are looking, I suggest an active cable. In Terms of hertz I suspect what you are looking at is something that can do 4K at either 30 or 60 hertz. I would just go ahead and get the better quality cable. Will be overkill for now, but the price difference for a top quality cable on no price would not be all that different.

    it is important to note that these active cables do require you to plug each end into the correct component (the source your computer and the display the projector, but they are properly labeled).


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      +1 for monoprice. They have always been my "GoTo" for cabling - good quality for the price IMO.

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    This is a good one for runs over 25 feet:
    - Ron at - visit my site for instructional articles and reviews