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Looking for a gc2

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  • Looking for a gc2

    Looking to upgrade my tgc protee system to a gc2. Looking for a used one or good deal for new. Thanks

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    Finally gonna take the plunge... you won't be disappointed. Contact aeroburner... he's got used refurbished ones for sale. And they are in great shape. Plug and play Ryan.. you will love it.. I do and works awesome with tgc... no more misreads... and accurate as heck.


    • Ryan5508
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      Just texted him. Thanks

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    I have had one misread in my last 15 rounds with my ProTee and have had maybe 3 in the last 6 months since I got the new usb extender and fixed my background for the vcam. Great club and ball data and extremely accurate, even tested against a friends gc2. Takes a gc2 and hmt to equal ProTee data. So when people say "upgrade" I highly question that but good luck.


    • aja
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      Hear, hear! Second you on the "upgrade" comment about the ProTee. A properly set-up ProTee is damn accurate - no need to "upgrade".

      Even better is the fact that to get clubhead data with the GC2 you have to spend another $7,000 USD. You already get useful clubhead data with ProTee.
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    • goatbarn
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      Protee measures AOA? That's news to me.

      Here's why I hold spin measurement so highly:

      A player can hit two shots, both with the same club speed, ball speed, and launch angle, and depending on contact point, AOA, closure rate...etc the spin and spin axis can be very different. And, to my knowledge, the Protee sensor does not measure contact point (vertical), AOA or closure rate, and therefore these elements are missing from the spin estimation. Not to mention the threshold of the sensor board's accuracy on all the data points measured (club) by the sensor pad is based on the spacing of the diodes.

      Imagine a somewhat bladed pitch, vs a low spinner. They could have the same data but not the same spin, and probably very much different spin. One checks up and the other runs out like SOB. Sure this is one specific scenario, but the idea applies to all shots.

      Spin is very important and it's very hard to measure accurately.

      I'm not trying to bash the Protee, I had one and enjoyed it. I'm saying in terms of realistic representation of your shot (which I think is what we're all after primarily) a system that measures spin, assuming all else the same, will be more valuable/accurate than one that doesn't. Whether or not club data is included...I guess it's my opinion that I want accurate ball flight first and foremost, then club data, if possible.

      This is why I went from a Flightscope Xi (mine measured/displayed all ball/club data too) to a GC2 (obviously only measuring the ball), because spin axis was not being measured with the Xi, it was estimated (when used indoors).
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    • Bnorman58
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      Yes, main interface screen, doesnt show up in the graphic but it is measured

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    》》"I will qualify that by saying literally spin measurement = true, extremely close spin measurement (calculation) = false."

    Direct spin measurement isn't necessarily more accurate than a system which measures everything else and calculates spin. There are definitely technical issues with measuring spin accurately so there is always a tolerance on the measurements.

    The Skytrak spec is a 5x worse than the GC2 for example. Does that make it the same or worse than a Protee? I haven't seen objective tests comparing protee spin to the others...are there any? Without valid data it's hard to have a strong position.


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      I guess bottom line is we are comparing apples to oranges, It's like "upgrading" from a car to a truck.


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        The protee is a great system. And so is the gc2. They both have pros and cons. To me there are a few more pros with the gc2. Ease of use, just turn on gc2 turn on protee interface then gsx and connect. Pretty simple. Great accuracy I can hit any shot and it reads it.. no misread's as long as the light is green. I can putt like I do on the course. I can hit in any type of lighting conditions. Easy for my son to use in the future that's the main reason. Great spin and launch numbers. It's portable. The cons about it is the cost the registration fee if you by a used golfsmith one, cost for a repair at least 200 a shot plus shipping and another 7k to get club data. But like I've always said I'm not a big fan of putting stickers on clubs and to me seeing the ball on the screen if it hooks or fades too much pretty much tells me what my swing is doing so club data is not as important as it may be to others.

        as far as the protee, best bang for the buck.. a lot of guys can't afford the gc2 and it's very understandable it's expensive. Right and left hand set up with the right width.. awesome!!! You don't have to buy 2 gc2s. Great club data and pretty damm accurate. Instantaneous for impact to result. Gc2 with tgc has about .5 delay because of Bluetooth connection, but you get used to it real fast. Some of the cons are. Lighting conditions have to be spot on if not you get a lot of misreads until you get it right. I don't care for the fiberbuilt sensor mat, but that's just my opinion, altered putting stance for me at least in order to read putts off the sensor mat. The putting sensor was an extra cost but people say it's very accurate. And the initial set up can be difficult. All in all they are both very good. I'm just thinking about the easiest path of resistance for me and my son. I have no patience when it comes to this stuff and I wouldn't want my son to lose interest in golf and keep it as simple for him as possible.


        • Bnorman58
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          Well put. Good and fair summary.

        • gene438
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          I think your summary is fair. I'm a Protee owner and agree with your analysis. One thing I would add but I have not numbers to back me up is that when playing with others online, I notice that most of the guys see my shot as I see it...with almost no delay. Many times we are commenting on my shot as it is in the air. With SkyTrac there is a definite 4 or 5 second delay and with GC2 I think there is a 1-2 second delay. Again, alot of variation right now with the server, internet, etc. but when the sync is good and there are not server problems, I believe the above is true.

          I have to say that for whatever reason, having the shot take off instantly the moment I hit is really important to creates the whole sim experience allows me to "be in the moment"

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        Thanks Bill...


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          I want people to know about both and experience what I've been through. Hope this helps when people consider both of these products.


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            I have a new(ish)bought April may of 2016 GC2-HMT that will be for sale. I'm picking up the GCQ


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              Is the gcq that has the gc2 and hmt built in together.. ??? What's the cost like 15k??


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                I thought it was going to be called the gc4???


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                    I honestly know there is not a huge upgrade going from a setup protee to a gc2. But I do have interest in true spin data and most of all portability. I have lost my parking spot in the garage for over a year due to the protee setup. Would love to just drop a gc2 down and not deal with lights and checking launch cameras. Overall it's a space fix for me.


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                      I should add by biggest issue that I have with a protee is short game shots. I don't feel like I can truly practice shot as much as just making them work.


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                        The gcquad has to be at least 14k or more...