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Anyone switch from a ST to Mevo+?

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  • Anyone switch from a ST to Mevo+?

    What are your thoughts between the ST and Mevo+?

    My ST has been working flawlessly for the past 4 years.
    I want the ability to play lefty and righty for TGC and I like the ability of the Mevo+ to be used outdoors on the range.

    I just wanted to hear some thoughts of other ST owners that switched to the Mevo+ vs their ST.

    Any regrets?


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    I had a ST for 2 years and moved to M+ in March (I was lucky and received mine before the shipping delays began). Given timing I was also able to sell my ST for pretty close to what I paid for it so there was limited cost of changing.

    I posted a fair bit when I first got my M+ so some of those posts may help you but to summarize:

    - I have zero regrets for my needs
    - My ST had a nominal amount of no reads but massively exaggerated curvature in my experience
    - I didn't like where ST sat as my daughter hit it a few times and it made beginner friends nervous (my lefty friend played right handed the couple times he came over but he was a golf pro so has a decent righty swing from giving examples to right handed lessons)
    - My original hitting space is indoors and only 8' high so I've now built a second hitting setup outdoors and the ST was useless outdoors with any sun for me
    - My M+ is solid now (and I've used it against Trackman), I did have some curve issues when I first got it but FS has been good about improvements, no monitor is perfect but I find M+ is simply more realistic to my outdoor game than ST was
    - Both work fine with TGC and M+ coming with 5 included E6 courses is a nice plus (I've taken mine to a friends house which I wouldn't have done with ST)
    - ST probably has the edge in putting but others will have to comment there as I don't really putt on sim so I've hated both in that regard (ST had way more no reads but M+ speed/setup was difficult for me)
    - Ability to take the unit to the range or course is a nice plus with M+, I occasionally make my friends happy and drop it down on a tee box when we are playing and not holding anyone up

    Only negative of change for me (positives outweigh it so I still said no regrets):

    - the ST range app is awesome in basically every way and I miss it
    - M+ has a bunch of options (Golf, Skills, E6 and for me TGC) and even the combination of them all isn't as good as ST range app for practice in my opinion
    - I understand M+ is working on app consolidation and improvement so hopefully they get there but they aren't as good (they are functional though)

    The big game changer could be M+ has the ability to report club path and face to path (it doesn't today but support has confirmed it could) and the CEO awhile back eluded to that potentially coming (he was vague and I've seen nothing since that webinar so maybe he over promised). From what I gather the technology isn't the issue it's more that it infringes on their flagship X3 but as more LM's creep down in price with some club data I'm hoping FS unlocks it even if for a fee. ST has no ability to measure club data and almost two years later hasn't gone back to their calculated approach so I'm not holding my breath there.

    Obviously do your research on environmental concerns and make sure you have the ball flight as I think most of the users that struggle have issues with setup. I wouldn't consider switching back and only change I'd make is if my budget increased a ton (I can't do Uneekor permanent setup and to make a changed I'd want club data but GC2/HMT/Quad/TM4 all way out of my price range).


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      Other than that, really helpful post.

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      Another tblecptn!

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    Gresh12 reflects my experience too... had ST for 2+ years and loved it but swapped it out for a mevo+ back in Feb/Mar. In part I was worried that ST would eventually fail (laser curtain). Overall definitely happy I changed, but I would still be happy if I had ST. As Gresh says the ST range software is excellent, and I miss it - it changed my game (8 hcp > 4hcp) especially with distance and shape practice, but I don't find myself practicing this nearly as much now, but playing courses instead. I probably get as many misreads as I did with ST, but just in different forms (eg. low spin rate now and again, or missed shot). I have never putted with either (still not sure why you would apart from needing to in a sim round). I was also lucky... got mevo+ in US and therefore saved money (I'm UK based) plus I sold ST at the height of lockdown... so financially I hardly paid for the M+!


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      Takes way too much room for the mevo +


      • Neepster
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        ... a sweeping generalisation if ever there was one! For your particular set-up perhaps
        [not sure why i bothered to waste 4 seconds replying to this tbh]

      • arwin
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        It does take a lot of space. If I wasn't moving my sim setup to my warehouse, this would not even be in consideration

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      I made the switch to M+ after a couple of years on ST. Gresh12 is spot on with his post. Playing w/ lefties and righties is no longer a task of having to move the unit. But I do miss the ST app for practices.
      If you have the space to accommodate the M+ setup, it's a no brainer that's what you go with. Checks off both of your wants.


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        I heavily considered switching and was very close to pulling the trigger. Even my buddy had a deposit on one for a while. I don't want to dissuade you or spread false information, but I'm glad I never switched. The Mevo+ has had quite a few issues early on. I feel like it would have made me quite angry and would have soured my experience.

        I would say this... I think there is massive potential for Mevo+. Once they figure it out and get it sorted, I think it will be a great unit, but for now, it offers me nothing extra that I personally need that my Skytrak cannot provide. (Shot delay and left/right player compatibility was a nice bonus that ST does not have)


        • bubbtubbs
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          This is true, though it's important to note ST has had its own share of issues since it was released. For example, they only fixed the problems with higher ball speed players relatively recently and it's been documented for a long time.

          M+ might not be perfect, but it's no ES16/Tour.

        • SkeetShooter
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          Absolutely true... Man that was one heck of an issue too. Also ST has the spin-decay issue

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        Thanks for all the replies guys.

        I was looking into the Mevo+ earlier in the summer for outdoor range use but realized that my home setup doesn't have anywhere near the space requirements that the Mevo+ needs.

        I am planning on moving my home sim setup to my warehouse where I have all the space required and then some.
        The other reason for making the move is that the only time I can really play is when the kids are asleep but then my wife says the noise from the screen is too loud and it might wake up the kids.
        So I figured if I move my sim setup to the warehouse, then I can just go to my warehouse and meet up with a couple of my mancave away from home.

        Now that I have all the space required, I might as well go Mevo+ to have the ability to use it at the range next summer.

        I've followed the ST forum for years and there are always posts about someone having issues with the unit or misreads, but I never had those issues and those issues are eventually resolved. I just hope that the same support for Mevo+ is going to be similar as the ST


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          I had both the ST for 5 years and the Mevo+ for a much shorter time. I tested them side by side. I have to say they are both excellent at their price point. They both come with quirks. ST is has a bit of strong left algorithm and will miss the odd shot. HLA is a bit weak. Excellent value.
          The Mevo+ has a lot of value. Gresh12 has pointed out all the great points in it and is accurate in his comments.
          The only issues that I personally had with the Mevo+ was a very poor VLA and shots with gear effect did not show correctly. I found gear effect shots were opposite of what they should be and what the ST showed. I am a chronic with hitting my driver on the toe area and it produces a draw almost all the time. The Mevo+ would produce a slice. ST would show a draw. IRL its a draw. When I still had the unit, one of the updates certainly helped correct it, but it was still not right. I’m assuming it has gotten a lot better.
          Other then that the M+ was great. It really shines outdoors. I was very impressed with it. It always amazed me something so small can produce so much. Amazing.


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            I used to own a Skytrak. The thing I miss most is the ability to connect your Skytrak unit to your home WiFi. Having to disconnect from the Internet to connect to Mevo+ on phone or tablet is a pain in the ass.


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              I owned the SkyTrak for a number of years and switched to the Mevo+ in March. Here are some thoughts:

              -Works equally well in the sun as in optimal lighting. Outdoor use also seems like a completely different game for radar and this is where Mevo+ really shines.
              -Quickly addresses issues with frequent updates
              -Free E6 integration (5 courses and range)
              -Spin decay model seems legit--SkyTrak's is bordering on absurd.

              -Setup is super easy and reliable. Mevo+ is a pain in the butt to setup (leveling? horizontal angle behind ball? vertical angle it's pointed at the ball between different software?) and we still don't really know how these things impact it.
              -No space limitations. Mevo+ requires a ton of space and at times it feels unsafe hitting a 60* wedge into a net 10' away.
              -Range software is far superior. It's pretty remarkable what Flightscope passes off as a production app.

              I was super critical of SkyTrak for their lack of software updates but now that they seem to be upgrading things again, I might give them the edge. The fact that you can't reliably use SkyTrak in the sun is a real problem for me though. I'm considering selling my Mevo+ and sitting out of the space for a while to see what happens.


              • trumb1mj
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                Another way to look at it:

                Flightscope is a hardware company. They are going to keep pushing out new products that make previous hardware releases obsolete. They seem content allowing other companies to innovate on the software end.

                SkyTrak is a software company. They are going to ride out each version of the hardware for as long as possible no matter what innovations are happening in the space. I wouldn't expect SkyTrak to push for new hardware while they're still making money selling version 1.

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              I had the Skytrak for several years before switching over to the Mevo+. Some of the big benefits I find are:
              • Don't have to position the ball on a dot, so you can easily move the ball between a Tee and grass location on the mat (super convenient)
              • Much quicker response to shots, which I really appreciate
              • Great software options for iPad and PC (love Awesome golf)
              • Smaller/lighter, so more portable between indoor/range
              • Positioning is behind, so you don't have to worry about Shanking it


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                Originally posted by Virtualadam View Post
                I had the Skytrak for several years before switching over to the Mevo+. Some of the big benefits I find are:
                • Don't have to position the ball on a dot, so you can easily move the ball between a Tee and grass location on the mat (super convenient)
                • Much quicker response to shots, which I really appreciate
                • Great software options for iPad and PC (love Awesome golf)
                • Smaller/lighter, so more portable between indoor/range
                • Positioning is behind, so you don't have to worry about Shanking it
                Update: With fairness to SkyTrak it will work with more limited space which can be an advantage, I had to change my setup to make room for the Mevo+. Also if a new version of Skytrak came out where they could use the camera for club data....that could be a game changer


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                  I ended up just keeping my ST, spent the money saved upgrading my original TGC to TGC2019 and another projector to watch TV while we golf


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                    I have seen quite a few people speak of the Skytrak range portion as being superior to the options with Mevo+.
                    In searching, it does seem that Mevo has practice options such as E6 and also Awesome Golf. What exactly makes the ST range app better than the Mevo options?

                    I am basically down to ST, Mevo+ or possibly a GC2.......but I am really having a tough time determining what to buy. Thanks.


                    • trumb1mj
                      trumb1mj commented
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                      -Better graphics (there is a new FS software release)
                      -Fairway mode to work on your driver (straight, draw, fade, variable widths)
                      -Bag mapping functionality

                      I now own a Mevo+ and definitely miss the ST range. Some things I don't miss:

                      -Green interaction. The ball doesn't skip forward then spin. It plugs and spins back.
                      -The subcription fee.
                      -Long delays between releases without much word from the company.

                      Other than that, I think the SkyTrak software (the software company) is far superior to any apps FS offers. E6 seems to be getting more and more compelling but there are still some things I don't quite understand like setup vs. FS.

                    • Gresh12
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                      I miss the randomizer for approach shots the most (the fairway one was not really of interest) and the bag mapping/gapping was better.

                      FS has the Skills app which sort of replaces the target modes but it’s clunky and you have to build your own randomizer.

                      Overall you can do the same things with the free software it’s just way more polished and user friendly with ST vs M+ default apps (noting ST does have a fee and M+ does not). None of the third party software I’ve tried has been better than ST range either.

                    • JakeGeezy
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                      @dmubazz24 if cost is not a variable, the GC2 is the very best of the two. It is the most realistic and most able to replicate the nuances of real golf. I have a mevo+ and really enjoy it but am working on upgrading to GC2.

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                    I have used both simultaneously, my Dad has a Skytrak and I have Mevo+. The numbers are very similar. In short don't think you can go wrong with either for the $2k price point.

                    The differences I noticed, Horizontal Launch Angle on Skytrak seemed to vary more than Mevo+. The HLA accuracy of Skytrak is +/- 2 degrees. Also noticed Skytrak shows more lateral movement for the same spin axis compared to Mevo+. I believe the Mevo+ numbers for HLA and lateral dispersion. The Skytrak is better for short chips, I get a lot of no reads for the 10-15 yard range on Mevo+. I have had no issues with the 30yd plus on Mevo+

                    I went with Mevo+ because of the Skytrak annual fees (basic range is free but I would be disappointed with only it), measured club head data and free E6 courses. I have a young family so having the unit behind the ball makes me feel more comfortable when the kids are trying to learn how to hit golf ball. If bought skytrak would have used foam balls, but the kids didn't like seeing the lower numbers. I also like the ability of Mevo+ to record your swing, it will use internal cameral or your phone/ipad. My budget didn't allow for simulation software and computer, so the 5 free courses for iOS really sealed the deal for the Mevo+ for me.

                    I was also hesitant to purchase a new expensive product especially after reading so much about how the distances are off etc with the unit. I personally think the large majority of this is people not knowing their actual carry distances and indoor swing syndrome (its real). This also seems to be a common theme in the Skytrak group.

                    After using Mevo+, I prefer the FS Skills over Skytrak targets. I do like the built in bag mapping of Skytrak, but can do the same with Mevo+ just takes a little more effort. I also find Mevo+ setup to be easy and I am confident in the alignment. I am in a garage, so everything is taken down daily.

                    I would definitely buy the Mevo+ again. Dropped my handicap 4 strokes in the 2 months I have had it.

                    If I didnt have the space, I would have been happy with Skytrak probably wishing I had the GC2


                    • trumb1mj
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                      I actually find my carry numbers with my irons to be longer than on the course and my driver numbers to be shorter.