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why GC2 over Skytrak

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  • why GC2 over Skytrak

    Trying to make a final decision and dissect all the info on these two simulators. I’m only going to be using it indoors at home. So through your that Skytrak does t worm outside argument. Are the only additional benefits to having a GC2 are:

    1) Maybe the short game shots and putting is incrementally more accurate than skytrak

    2) bigger hitting area vs red light on skytrak

    3 and no shot delay

    Is that everything? Did I miss anything? Any feedback from those that switched from skytrak to GC2 would be also really helpful. Is the additional $6k really worth it for a GC2?

    I know that some of this has been covered elsewhere. I did see read a a lot of older posts so maybe there are new things that are important to discuss here.


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    Way fewer missed shots. You can buy a GC2 used. I switched and haven’t regretted it for a second. Here is a comparison of the shot delay.


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      I’ve hit both
      both are good units
      the gc2 has the edge in putting
      chiping , high lofted shots
      reading higher swing speed driver numbers , and has the ability to upgrade
      in short it’s a professional unit as opposed to skytrack a very decent recreational consumer grade unit

      in my humble opinion outside of those difference both units sit on the floor in your field of vision
      they skytrack more so
      the gc 2 to a lesser extent

      and that for me was the reason I took skytrack out of service
      didn’t move to Gc2 but to an overhead unit

      all that said both are functional units that serve many ppls needs

      your space
      your feeling about a floor unit
      and your budget will make the decision obvious to you

      great news is most every part of the simulator set up is the same for a lot of units
      and all modern units seem to have fair resale value

      worst case scenario you buy one don’t like it sell it for a small loss and move on


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        Two others:

        1. No requirement to orientate ball with respect to line or ball imprinting to get reliable spin readings.

        2. GC2 can be used standalone as it has a display with the ball readings. This is a big advantage when you have the LM hooked up to something else via Bluetooth or USB cable and are trying to determine cause of output problems. If the other units crap out you can still get readings.

        Don't dismiss the larger reading area. This is a big advantage when used with a mat as you are not whacking bails from the same spot all the time and wearing a depression in the mat. Because of this you can leave the mat/LM orientation alone for a much longer time frame.


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          Comments have been extremely helpful so farZ please keep the. Coming. Also did you guys pay $3k for the GC2 software? Is it worth it? Thanks


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            If you can afford a GC2 get it. You will be glad you did. If the money is an issue the Skytrak will suit your needs. I personally prefer TGC for 1k over the 3k software. You still have to buy courses after the 3k.


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              Biggest improvement for me with gc2 is the stability of connection in TGC2019. For whatever reason I would have 3-4 disconnects in a around with SkyTrak- I don’t have any with gc2. Misreads are a thing of he past as well. No regrets.


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                I have both, and there is honestly very little between them. The shot delay is about 2s on a decent PC - you barely notice it after a while. The Skytrak red dot just shows the approx. area to place ball, you don't have to be right on top of it. If you always use new-ish Titleist balls, you do not have to mess about facing logos to the unit, I never have and have no problems. Range and game improvement software on Skytrak is excellent.

                All that said, I got a good offer on a used gc2 and have never looked back, haha


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                  I have GC2 and love it. I use it quite often without computer to just look at the on unit numbers as I work on my swing. The free performance fitting app you can use on iPad is great for measuring carry distances for all clubs in your bag and for comparing performance of any new clubs you may be considering. It's never the club but the operator. GC2 able to connect to many different Simulation programs and is solid with TGC2019. JNPG is leaving in August but indications you can find online give positive information a new simulator is under development. This may lead to increase in units on the market so you may be able to find one in decent price range (increase supply means lower price). I have friend who has a Skytrak and he loves his unit too.


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                    There's a huge difference IMO. I upgraded to the Uneekor and, for me, the difference is night and day, but I think I would have been just as pleased with the GC2, minus having it on the floor. These are the things that really stood out to me:

                    1. The shot delay, I know a lot of people say they don't mind it, I told myself that too, but I really did. It's so much more satisfying to hit the ball and have instant feedback. It feels more like sim golf than a practice aid for that reason.
                    2. The short game. The Skytrak is horrible with the short game. Not so horrible that you can't make it work for sim play, but it definitely doesn't feel real and it isn't likely to help you improve at that aspect of the game very much. If you like to hit high lofted/flop shots, it's going to struggle to pick them up. It also is very poor at picking up the side angle in putting (hence the straight putting patch on TGC).
                    3. Better accuracy and fewer misreads, obviously
                    4. The hitting area. I think this affected me more than most, because I like to use the built in rubber tees on my fiberbuilt mat but couldn't with ST without repositioning the unit all the time. It also was a pain early on when I was just hitting off of a flight deck/practice station because you had to use different areas on the mat due to the stance limitations.

                    I don't regret spending the extra few grand to upgrade in the slightest (my wife might have other ideas). I can certainly understand if someone doesn't have the money at the moment to go GC2 or wants to tip-toe into the sim world before putting down that kind of investment, in which case the Skytrak is an incredible value at its price and I highly recommend it, but if you can spare the money and are confident you are going to get good use out of your sim, I'd go for the GC2 (or Uneekor). For me, there's a lot of value in things working seamlessly and with minimal interruptions due to misreads or having to fiddle around with the launch monitor or ball position. It makes sim golf much more enjoyable and immersive for me. I find that I'm much more eager to play multiple rounds of sim golf every week with an upgraded system.
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                    • CHansen157
                      CHansen157 commented
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                      So far so good. The marked ball thing is certainly a draw back, but it's the only one I've found so far. The Bridgestone balls you can get from them are miles ahead of the basic balls they give you but they still don't spin like a tour ball so for competitive sim play you need to mark your own balls. The lower spin makes playing some of the courses with really fast greens a real challenge. Pine Valley killed me last week. I should probably adjust down the green speed but I haven't. That said, I mostly play by myself or with a buddy or two locally for fun and don't care so much there so I use the Bridgestone balls most of the time.

                      I can't compare to the GC2 because I went from a ST, but I'm most impressed with the Uneekor in the short game. I love to play with different trajectories with my wedges and it picks it up flawlessly. Putting is great too.

                    • Solstice72
                      Solstice72 commented
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                      So to summarize, it spins less? Also you easily mark a ProV1 or its not that simple?

                    • CHansen157
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                      Yeah it's a 2 piece ball. The Uneekor requires a particular dot pattern to pick up the spin accurately and offer two pre-printed balls. Their "default" balls are basically range balls and are like hitting rocks. They offer factory printed Bridgestone 2-piece balls as an upgrade, and they are much, much better, but definitely less spin than a premium 3+ piece ball like a ProV1. I've yet to see more than low 7000s rpm with them in backspin on solid wedge strikes, but my wedges are getting towards the end of their grooves' lifespan and I'm not an ultra spinny player to begin with.

                      A few guys around here have offered vinyl stickers to put on your own balls that appear to work quite well but are perhaps a little less durable than a pre-printed ball (which you would expect). I haven't tried them yet, I might if I decide to start playing the TGC Tour again here. They don't sound that difficult to put on but still take some time and effort. You could use a sharpie or something too but it will rub off on your screen unless you put a clear coat over it with nail polish. That also would be less durable though. You can search for any of the Uneekor dot threads, there's a lot of info on here.

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                    I cannot agree more with CHansen157. I just went from Skytrak (nearly 3 years) to a used GC2 (2 months). As CHansen157 states above and I cannot say it any better, "The shot delay, I know a lot of people say they don't mind it, I told myself that too, but I really did ... It feels more like sim golf than a practice aid for that reason."

                    If you want to try a golf sim and want accurate results with some mis-reads and short game is only fair (short chips and putts), then the Skytrak is a no-brainer - you will not be disappointed for the cost. But, if you are looking for a bit more of an upgraded Sim in which the game play is more natural to real life (as you can get indoors, etc.) - go with a used GC2 (or Uneekor, or other higher-end system). You will not regret the Skytrak - there is solid value for the cost - no doubt.

                    Hope this helps!


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                      Did anybody say it works better outdoors atthe range? Well it does. Great to test for your next driver


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                        Well I’m really leaning hard towards going the GC2 route. I have to rationalize the additional $$$ one more time.


                        • calebm1001
                          calebm1001 commented
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                          I just made the plunge after ST for the last 12 months. OMG... this is real golf... instant feedback, putting actually works, chipping actually works. What I believe is happening with the ball past the screen is what is being shown by GC2. It's worth every penny and I've only had it for like 2 hours and have only hit like 50 balls on TGC so far.

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                        I don't know Skytrak, but I wasted a ton of money on other systems that claimed to be accurate before going to my Quad eventually.

                        Just buy the GC2. You won't regret it, but you may regret it the other way around.

                        In equation form:

                        GC2 = Happiness Guranteed
                        Skytrak = Maybe you'll be happy, maybe you won't.

                        The money goes out once. The frustration comes every time you use a system you aren't happy with and then the frustration that you made the wrong purchase and have to spend more to make it right...


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                          There are no guarantees in life
                          I hit on a gc2 for a full year
                          and it’s a good unit with accurate data

                          if you can get around the fact that it’s on the floor in front of you

                          i couldn’t floor units accentuate my natural pull tendency
                          skytrack very badly
                          gc moderately but noticeable