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FSX2020 v7.6.0.7

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  • FSX2020 v7.6.0.7

    New version up on the updates site: FSX 2020 Updates | Foresight Sports

    FSX 2020 Version Includes:
    • Updated Scorecard to Toggle Points/Strokes/Handicap Displays
    • Display Associated Username in About Screen
    • Updates to Improve Online Course Activation Process
    • Improved Putting Physics
    • Added "Change Pin Difficulty" Feature in Improve
    • Improved Custom Graphics Options
    • Updated All Leaderboards to Display in Local Time (instead of UTC)
    • Fix Player Statistics Showing Incorrect Number of Holes at End of Play Session
    • Fix Tee Selection Resetting Hole Selection in Netplay
    • Fix Report Export Default Filename to the Correct Date
    • Fix Stableford Scoring Problems with Handicap
    • Fix Scramble Mode Improperly Allowing Gimmes

  • #2
    Sweet! I had not gone into improve mode since doing this update. Love that we can change the pins now!


    • #3
      What caught my attention was the "improved putting physics". Have you noticed any differences? I will update later on and report back but curious if it is noticeable.


      • tkvaughn999
        tkvaughn999 commented
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        If this allows you to hole putts a little easier that would be great. That is one thing that is kinda annoying, if you some how are lucky enough to hit the hole with a putt, you've always been rewarded with a lip out... or worse the bounce out of the cup. Ugh

    • #4
      Yes. It would be nice if they work on the physics of the cup and ball interaction. I would think this dynamic would almost be a full program by itself but if you want to separate from all the other software so attention to detail in this area would be great. Everyone always Autoputts but it’s only because no software has dialed in the putting physics


      • tkvaughn999
        tkvaughn999 commented
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        Auto putting is ok but game is more fun with 6-8' gimmies thus atleast giving you a chance to make something happen chipping or putting.

    • #5
      So I just updated and played a round at Pelican Hill. Interesting changes wrt putting. I probably sank more putts today than in the past 6 months (though as sinkingputts mentions - I generally auto putt). I tried fast putting (so one putt then it auto-putts in). What I noticed is a much more realistic interaction at the cup - you can still lip out if you have too much speed but otherwise they seem to drop. They have also implemented a line that shows up after you putt that strings from the hole to the ball the entire roll showing distance to go (and distance past the cup) as applicable. I like it - a lot I think.

      Interested in other opinions but I think this is a positive update from my point of view.


      • #6
        Has anyone had issues with the FXS 2020 locking up? I mostly use the Improve mode and after about 30 minutes it just freezes on me. This issue just started about 2 weeks ago. I have had the 2020 since it came out. It was crashing before I realized there was an update, but it still happening. Thought I would try here before contacting Foresight. Thanks for the help.


        • #7
          Had about a 10 second freeze yesterday. 1 crash today. When it crashed it logged me out.


          • #8
            No crashes or freezes for me yesterday, but I only played for about 30 min.

            I tried out the friendlier putting and hit about 30 putts from 15 feet. Didn't make one of them. (It was because I chose a putt with a decent break and just couldn't hit the right line and speed.) Then, changed the pin placement to make it a 45' uphill big swinging putt and made it on the first attempt. Not sure if this is the new cup physics or if I hit it perfect. I used to get 5 or 6 lip outs per round, so this is a good sign that a long putt fell.


            • #9
              No crashes or freezes here. There was a windows update a few weeks ago - maybe this caused a conflict in your system?


              • #10
                I played 3 rounds this weekend. No crash or freeze issues here.

                I also did not notice any difference in the forgiveness of the cup -- still lots of lip-outs, but I can't say for sure there has been no change. I also did not notice any change with the line feature as described by jasonreg, maybe there is something new that I just did not notice was missing before.


                • tkvaughn999
                  tkvaughn999 commented
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                  Agree, still get the auto lip-out or bounce out of cup crap. Putting is hard enough on sims without that. Auto putting is fine just not as fun as having a chance at making one.

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                Disappointing I reported a bug to them a month ago where the compare function doesn't show spin rates over 10,000 rpm. So basically any wedge testing when you compare them to each other you can't see spin rates. Seemed like a super easy fix but I guess they didn't get around to it this update.


                • Baller
                  Baller commented
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                  Careful hitting those shots into a screen if you are. Make sure you're using a ball that won't get nicks in it and tear your screen. (in case you don't know this already)

              • #12
                Careful hitting wedge shots into a screen?


                • chicub15
                  chicub15 commented
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                  The high spin on the wedge shots causes the ball to grind into the screen, wearing it down quickly. High ball speed shots aren't as damaging as high spin shots.

              • #13
                Only reason I mention it is you don't have many posts. Don't want you to learn like I did (the hard way) that some balls don't work well for a simulator screen. Hit all the high spin wedge shots you want, but if you want your screen to last, use a ball with a hard cover. Should be some threads on it if you search but I use the old Titleist DT Solo for my wedges. Never a ProV1.


                • #14
                  Oh gotcha. Yeah makes sense. I don't have a simulator screen at all just a net but already ripped a hole in it with a wedge. Still trying to decide what would be the best to hit into to absorb the impact.


                  • #15
                    Huh. I never heard this high spin = screen destruction idea before.