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TGC and the practice manual

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  • TGC and the practice manual

    I've just finished reading Adam Young's book, the Practice Manual, and it has really opened my eyes as to how I should be practicing and developing my golf. Turns out that beating endless balls down the range doesn't help much. As my handicap would attest to!

    For me, the one thing that really lets TGC down is the lack of opportunity to practice properly. To have targets to hit to (greens of say 20/30/40 yard diameter depending on skill level and club). Something that lets you know how close to the pin you were. If you are a slicer, a range where there's water all the way down the right forcing you to deal with it, or a strong left to right wind. That kind of thing. With different levels of difficulty and memory so that you know that last time you hit 6 out of 10 and your all time record was 9 out of 10 from 160 yards.

    I'm not talking about break the window type games, but structured games so that you know exactly what area to improve on, and a measured way of knowing how far you've progressed.

    I tend to revert back to the Foresight golf range due to it remembering where each of the balls you've hit are, and the ability to export ball flight data. But even though I understand TGC is a console game mainly played with joypads, it's surprising to me that the learning features are so poor and doesn't even attempt to cater for this.

    Within TGC, all of the above games could be used to introduce the game to joypad players, like a getting your tour card feature, teaching them to move the ball left and right, whilst they're learning the game on a pad. And we'll get the benefit from doing it in real life (albeit indoors).

    Please please Mr TGC can you fix it for me not to have to use the Foresight range. To be able to build a proper practice plan, and to not have to use a notebook to track my progress.


    If there are any HB Studios guys reading this who don't have a copy of the Practice Manual, I'll buy a copy for them if they'll even *think* about introducing the features.

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    TGC2 is supposed to launch 1st Q of '17 and will have a range with practice features.


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      TGC is primarily aimed at actual golfing.

      It's easy enough though to put yourself in a spot on the course you want to practice. Hit auto rewind and off you go. Yes it could be easier but it works at least.

      I find the best practice though is being forced to just play golf. To many people get caught up playing driving range instead.


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        the new skytrak software as a nice addition where you define X shots from how Y yards. For example. I want to hit a total of 21 shots. 3 shots from 20 yards, 3 shots from 25 yards, 3 shots from 30 yards, 3 shots from 50 yards, 3 shots from 60 yards, 3 shots from 80 and 3 shots from 100. Of course the software keeps the stats. I wish you could random the shots...1 shot from 50 then one shot from 30, one shot from 60, etc. However, it goes in order. skytrak suggested random would be nice to have


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          Yes the Skills Assessment in SkyTrak is awesome. Another thing you can do is play the par 3 courses. It doesn't allow for repetitive shots from the same place but it cuts down the long and middle shots for the most part to focus on the short game. I need to do more par 3 courses myself!


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            Please let me know which part of the Practice Manual to read. I have tried to read that book 10x & can't get through it. Tough read for me. I hear its good but it is not my cup of tea from a writing stand point....


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              Same here. What I've read is good, just can't make it all the way through.

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            The first part of the book talks about how to learn. The second part has some practical stuff. But its extremely repetitive. He needed to listen to his editor more. To summarise the book he thinks constant length clubs are totally the wrong direction to go. We need to practise variety. and you need to practise under pressure trying to deliberately top the ball, and hit the heel/toe etc so that you learn fine control over the club head. the ball flight laws opened my eyes, but if you know them well, skip to the case study for how to fix a slicer.


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              Oh, and the Skytrak system sounds like a massive step in the right direction. Have HB/Skytrak/etc ever considered partnering with a proper teacher? The GC2 gives you all the feedback you need to allow a teacher to suggest drills/games to major on fixing the slice/hook/whatever.... Wouldn't take much programming but could charge a lot for a subscription if they did it right....