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The Ultimate Simulator Driving and Practice Range

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  • The Ultimate Simulator Driving and Practice Range

    Let us know all the great features you would like to see in the "Ultimate Simulator Driving and Practice Range".
    What sort of statistics, practice games, trace colors, views, you name it...

    Share your ideas (and great features seen elsewhere). Post screenshots and tell us what the "ultimate" should be
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    Awesome to see this question...assume it's part of planning the simulator edition of TGC2?


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      Definitely like the skills assessment they added into SkyTrak. Something along those lines would be great. Otherwise I'm too new to say for sure, but it would definitely be AWESOME to have a good practice setup in TGC2 (presumably is what this might refer to)


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        Practice chipping and putting area is a must!

        putting game would be fun where you have 18 holes and you keep your score. A variety of different putts to go through etc.

        One thing that would be nice is to have the same sort of "game" available that they do for Drive, Chip and Putt contests. You get three drives and so many points for distance and it has to stay within a certain target area. Three circles around a hole to chip to with certain point values with three chips available and then three different length putts to the same hole with different breaks.


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          Competitive games w/ friends.
          Shot shaping challenges..

          Hitting the Ball Picker for Bonus Points?
          Call your shot?


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            ProTee United

            - something similar a Trackman combine skills test where it runs through your bag as a fixed set so there is a benchmark and an option to alter the # & length of shots

            - dispersion grouping for all clubs

            - multiple green firmness for approach shots

            - multiple greens for random practice - hitting five 7i in a row doesn't always get the job done.

            - graphically it needs to be top notch... a cheesy range is no good.

            - the ability to compete with a friend (standing next to you) & over the network in any challenges/skills game

            - I have recently been thinking about building an aqua range around a lake with multiple tees like a clock face. Target greens set up to appropriate sizes based on a % error .. say 7%.. So at 100 yards 14 yard diameter target surrounded by a vast sea of ball sucking doom. The more you get in a row the more points mulitply... something with some pressure to keep it going or have a big fail!

            - a random # generator that calls out shots within a user defined range. say 35 - 180... punch it. flop it.. draw it .. you get the idea.

            - maybe a clowns head & a windmill

            Excited to hear what everyone comes up with.




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              I would like to be able to select the club that I am hitting and then keep all of the stats for that one (being able to give the club a nickname would be nice for comparing different brands or hybrids). After a given range session on one day, the averages for the day would be saved so I could track numbers over time.
              In addition to the info on the that is already tracked, I would like
              Average Carry distance
              Average Total distance
              Peak height
              Descent angle
              Average distance off target line (left and right cancel out, so you would notice if you tend to miss right or left)
              Average magnitude distance off target line (left and right don't cancel out)

              Each club would have its own color trace and ball that stays on the range until you manually clear it. Then you can do a top-down view and see clusters for each club.

              As far as practice games, it would be cool to have something like the Top Golf driving ranges They have targets that look like dart boards and different games where you get points based on how close you are to the bulls eye, or trying to get a ball in each wedge of the circle.

              It would also be nice to easily set a green at a given distance. Maybe there would be a few different shapes and sizes with bunkers around them and different pin placements. You just select one of the greens and type in the yardage to the pin.

              Thank you ProTee for getting input from the users! We really appreciate that you continually work to improve your product.


              • allen2be
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                +1 for for a Topgolf-like game. That would be awesome. Some of the most fun golfing I've ever had.

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              An exact copy of E6 range and practice area


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                A combine would be nice giving you a score for all aspects of the game. Drive, long shot, shot, chip and putt. Also, multiple tracers with the ability to clear it like ProTee. Tracking shots to see averages.


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                  Ooh, defiantly a top golf style game, has to be different for sim though, this is how it would pan out.

                  firstly you get to choose how many balls you want to play, 10,15,20 or 25 .
                  the next screen will show 5 miniature (Options) targets ( graphically denoted by a circles with rings) , one will be say yellow which will be 60 yards, the next will be blue which will be 12o yards, the next will be green which will be 160 yards, the next will be brown 180 yards, then black and white which will be the long drive ( 250 yards or more ) but this has to be within +/- 20 yard dispersion.

                  For each ball you play you can choose a different target by pressing a number that corresponds to that particular target , pressing 1 on the keyboard would be sixty yards, pressing two on the keyboard would be 120 yards etc.

                  So for example by pressing 2 you have chosen to go to the 120 yard target, you are then taken to a screen that has a circle in the distance, much like the skytrak closest to the pin,

                  Each target has 3 or 4 rings,the nearer the target , the less points , so for example the 60 yard target will be as follows outer ring 5 points , next ring in 10 points, 30 points bullseye, or so and so

                  The further the target circles, the higher the points structure.

                  if yiu choose the long drive target then it will show a runway divided into 6 lanes, go down the middle to achieve maximum points as long as you pass 250 yards,( perhaps 25 points for 250 yards, 30 points for 260 etc .. less points as you hit the outer lanes, none if you miss the lanes.

                  if your score 3 targets in a row then perhaps double the next target you hit, this will add excitement because there is more pressure to score.

                  Score screen much like the score card screen but will be show in between shots
                  If you have choose say a 20 ball game then 20 balls will appear on the score screen, each will fill with whatever score you've achieved.

                  this would be great to play as a multiplayer game as it would be fun and quicker than a golf round. Whatever you choose to do please incorporate it as a local and online multiplayer game.


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                    I would love to see something similar to the Trackman dispersion. Dispersion data in this format is invaluable to me if you're comparing certain clubs to put in the bag. The ability to name different clubs would be nice as well if you're a club ho like me and like to "self fit" yourself.


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                      I'm liking where this is heading!!!!!! Looking forward!


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                        May be a little off topic but I'd love to see a level and alignment mode built into the TGC software, especially on a driving range (Asking specifically for SkyTrak)

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                          Par 3/ closest to the hole with an attached leaderboard.


                          • mthunt
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                            Maybe ability to have a longest drive as well

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                          I love the idea of randomized distances thrown at you.......maybe within certain yardages say 50-100, 100-150 etc perhaps with a target green as well.