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Finally.... almost finished.... but TGC/SkyTrak putting a shocker!

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  • Finally.... almost finished.... but TGC/SkyTrak putting a shocker!

    I'm sure I can't be the only one that has spent far longer on the build than ever anticipated ..... but boy has this been a labour of love.

    Almost finished, But the set up up is good enough to start playing now, and I have the SkyTrak and TGC up and running. (Will eventually post pics I have taken along the way in a separate post once I finish the final bits)

    First impressions of TGC and SkyTrak were positive until I got to the first green...... anyway, to cut a long story short I ended up shooting 140!!!! And on most holes was 5 or 6 putting!!

    On second round, I worked out how to have gimmes within 5 feet.... but the putting was a complete farce..... sometimes I would be 8 feet away, but hitting softly down hill would never register, so ended up having to overshoot.,,, just to get recognised, and then try and hit back to the hole again.

    Now I'm not sure if this is a lighting issue, as originally I just had light from the projector...,, and then tried a normal desk lamp to light up the hitting area.... not much difference to be honest.

    So question:

    Is this just the reality of putting with SkyTrak on TGC?

    Is there any special lighting that I need to consider to make the SkyTrak more accurate with Putts?

    Appreciate any help... Tee to green was awesome... but thereafter was a real let down.

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    What is your stimp set at? Maybe turn it down to get closer to what you are used to. I find putting speed to very good in TGC. Not sure about no reads. I hit putts as little as 3 feet with no issue.


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      I guess set to default as I have only adjusted the gimme Lentgh.

      I am hitting the put 9 feet to the screen, and it only seems to register if hitting hard enough to go beyond this distance.

      I am hoping it is a lighting issue, as the putting just kills it for me thus far...,


      • GarySatterwhite
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        Disregard if you know any of this as I know that you've been around for awhile just now getting up to playing. A few things to look at. You can adjust your stimp in the interface settings. Default is pretty fast for some (myself included). There are also a couple of patches that you can download that will help green characteristics. One will give you the "straight putting" as well. If you can find and download these patches that will get you headed in the right direction. I will post them here if I can find them. At least rule out this easy stuff first.

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      2 things to check:

      a) find out if your SkyTrak is switching into putting mode. Switch between putter and another club and check the popup message (run TGC in Window Mode).
      b) keep an eye on the top LED on your unit. When you putt and it stays green, the unit has not detected your putt at all.
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        Originally posted by ProTee United
        2 things to check:

        a) find out if your SkyTrak is switching into putting mode. Switch between putter and another club and check the popup message (run TGC in Window Mode).
        b) keep an eye on the top LED on your unit. When you putt and it stays green, the unit has not detected your putt at all.
        A. I tried using the club selector on the game. But makes no diff

        B top led goes red then back to green sometimes, other times the red laser dot stays on and nothing changes on the LED.

        Have noticed the LED sometimes flashes intermittently before stabilising and even on other shots sometimes there is no read.

        I have now taken unit to completely charge on its own. I will then try again, connecting SkyTrak to the laptop.

        Is there any ideal lighting condition? I have used pitch black home theatre mode, and lights on ( but then screen is washed out).,.,,,

        So far..... frustrating


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          I had troubles with skytrak with eitther going offline,meaning I had to shut it off and turn back on or go to the tgc app and tell it to reconnect, I would also have no reads on putts and chips. What fixed it - hardwired everything, hard coded IP's where I could, and kick butt router. hope this helps.


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            Not sure how to hardwire everything as suggested.... must say getting incredibly frustrated and my poor son even more so as more of his shots not getting recognised as well as my putts.

            Tried lighting on and off, but no real difference.

            In most cases the laser stays red after the put, but in some cases it can disappear... only to then come back afterwards with no shot recognised.

            I had been lucking forward to playing, and even now playing magnolia par 3's, it is just so frustrating I want to exceed shot limit to get to the next hole as the putting does not get recognised on any short distance,,. And even 10ft putts .

            Does lighting make any difference to SkyTrak??


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              Any views guys, or am I alone with the putting issues???


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                Just to confirm: as Gary says above, I can also hit short putts no problem and my putting very rarely missed a shot.

                So, I don't think it will be lighting unless your lights are giving off a lot of IR bleed. You can setup a night vision trail camera to see what your SkyTrak is seeing - this can sometimes help diagnose what is causing the issues.

                I'm thinking most likely it's either something in the background or your mat. What are you using to hit off? Is there anything IR reflective in the background of the picture when you're putting? Anything reflective near the mat itself? It can also be what you're wearing if it's reflective - like your shoes, etc.

                My suggestion would be get hold of some theater gaffer tape, which is non-reflective, and tape everything which might be causing problems and see if it helps?


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                  I have rarely had putting issues. One thing I used to have to do was make sure a logo was pointed toward the unit. But that was many months ago. Now it hasn't mattered, but maybe give that a whirl. Also I used to have to set my ball just ever so slightly in front of the red dot, not "on" the dot to get putts to register. Some folks had more success setting the ball right behind the dot. But again that was a while ago. I did notice that the unit did not like certain style of putters especially when hitting short putts. Might try a different putter.


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                    I am hitting off a CCE mat. Mostly bare feet (it's hot in there ) and can't think of anything reflective that is in the picture. Will try moving the ball around the red dot as well.


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                      So, I have tried lights on, lights off ( except projector light), small desk lamp on, ball in front/on/behind dot, and I get the same rubbish recognition of mainly short putts.

                      Sometimes the red laser disappears for a second or 2. Sometimes it just remains on...

                      So frustrating as this is ruining the complete experience for me.

                      Really welcome help, especially if you have experienced similar challenges and fixed them.

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                        What height is your skytrak in relation to your mat? Also it could be the ball your using. For instance, the only brand ive ever had issues with, is taylor mades. Full shots were no issue, but putting, it struggled to read them.


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                          I have cce inserts that I hit off, and the SkyTrak is on the main turf which is the same height as the cce hitting surface

                          I have used callaway, titleist, pinnacle...... I have never checked if it's a certain type that doesn't work for putting, usually it's just the 10th ball I hit hard in frustration just to then finally see the putt fly across the green 😤

                          I will try different brands to see if any diff and report back

                          So, lighting should not make any difference then?


                          • BadEddieKit
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                            Have you tried raising or lowering the skytrak? If everything else reads fine except for putts, i would try lowering the skytrak to start with. Also try putting off ur stance mat and see if its the same. I had putting issues with JNPG software, the solution was to move the Skytrak so that the red dot that was in the middle of the mat, was now about 1/4 from the front of the mat. Why did that work? I have no idea, but it did.
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