TGC Tour - Congratulations!

Congrats to @Michael Baas Becking winning the TGC 2017/2018 Winter Tour - Sony Open !

Join this weeks TGC 2017/2018 Winter Tour - Carreerbuilder Challenge with 2 rounds at PGA West (Palmer)[saturday] :
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Post Your Swing Videos for online play

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    Nice carry. Do you get the same carry on TGC? Are you using default settings?


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      I'm not sure on this versus TGC. I haven't really used the range courses in TGC. Shots do seem to go further in E6, though, versus PP. I do have the drag at .95 for woods since I felt they were a bit short versus what I saw on a real course. Irons are full default settings and I'm getting 155-165 carry for a 7 iron now when I was in the 135-145 carry range before.

      Thought I should add most of my drives are in the 270-280 total distance range now. This was one of the longer ones.
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        Have you done any comparisons with a LM?


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          Not yet. Haven't had access to one. Just going by my perceived difference which is flawed I admit. Mostly I'm basing it on drives I've measured on the course with GPS apps. I was mostly in the 250's-260's total distance last season with some in the 270's and 1 280 all carry drive. When I first set-up one of my sims back in August my drives on it were in the 235-250 range. That's why I have the settings boosted a bit. I was at the peak of the golf season, but not getting the same distances on the simulator that I was seeing on the course. I still wonder if the distances are a bit short. I'll see in the spring time.

          Haven't had any customers complain it's too long on their distances. I've had a few feel it's too short, but most thinks it's fairly accurate. So no hard data to back anything up. Just going on my personal feel and customer feedback.


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            As things get fine tuned over time, it's important to leave the settings at default. Your LA is very close to mine. I'm willing to bet that the default of 1.00 is closer to your real carry than .95.


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              I just hit the H2O range in TGC and yeah the carry distances are excessive. Was getting 265-275 carry on a lot of shots which is definitely too much. I'll be sure to change to the defaults for TGC.

              Any thoughts on the swing? Took a lot of work to stop coming over the top. Looks like I'm still a bit too far to the inside on my takeaway still.


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                I'd say you have a lot of nice pieces to your swing.

                First though, I'd work on getting your shoulder turn steeper on backswing, and keep your trail arm from bending past 90*.

                Easy drills for these 2 areas would be:

                - Place club across shoulders (parallel to target line) and take address, then take a slow backswing and make sure shaft across shoulders follows a line that bisects the ball and your target.
                - Hit shots with the intent of keeping BOTH your arms locked straight. You should only be able to really get to about 9 o'clock and 3 o'clock when doing this. Take video to make sure you're not bending your arms excessively (they will bend a little), and that you're still performing a full wrist cock. Hit balls like this until you get consistent contact/compression.

                Having a steeper shoulder turn will allow your arms more room to attack the ball from the inside, and keeping your trail arm straighter will maximize your arc (distance) and keep your arms in front of your body (consistency). I'm hoping as a side effect, your inside takeaway will vanish with these drills as well.

                As always when working on your swing, video is key. Feel is not real, and you need to know you're doing the drills properly to confirm and how it should feel while doing the drill.

                Hope that helps.


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                  I been waiting on hoganwoods to post his swing on here. Video may not be fast enough yet to get his preshot shuffle on there lol


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                    Been working on getting steeper coming down to straighten out ball flight some and take pressure of my injured wrist


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                      thought i'd post a start video. This is an old 2i, hitting from an optishot in my garage. opti says it's a "fade" of about 190y, felt very solid