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Best Golf Balls for your Sim?

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  • Best Golf Balls for your Sim?

    I've been using the Noodle Long & Soft (~$40CAD/36pack) throughout the winter as they last about 2-3rds (before they crack), and also dont get cut up (they tend to wear down instead).

    Taylor Made RBZ seem to last awhile at $2CAD/ball and dont get cut

    ProV1s are good for 20-30 shots before they're too cut up to use without wearing out the screen quicker (and are much more $$$)

    What have you guys found for a good cost/benefit golf ball to use indoors?

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    Kirkland Signature 3 piece was $25 2 dozen until recently bumped to $28 for 2 dozen from Costco. They get cut up pretty easily I just go to Costco all the timeā€¦


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      If you're ok with a spinny ball, it's hard to beat KSig on price.

      My experience with ProVs is very different than yours. My ProVs have been surprisingly durable, and since I can't lose them I'm happy paying a bit extra.


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        My wedge grooves are far from sharp but I get at least 50 wedge shots on a ProV before it gets cut up enough to retire to the bag.

        Other clubs rough them up far less.

        I've also seen some users put cheap photo cloth in front of their screens or nets to reduce wear.

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      On the course I play the TaylorMade TP5x. In the sim I use the TaylorMade Tour Response. They are quite durable and give similar enough spin/launch characteristics. If I'm doing a club gapping analysis or anything similar I'll use the TP5x in the sim, but for general play and practice the Tour Response work well for me.


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        I use ProV1s on the course and as such also chose to use them in my Sim. I will note that the ProV1 is specifically called out by Par2Pro as not recommended. That said, I am quite religious about checking the ball and any significant wear and/or any nick or burr and it goes into the Shag bag. So far I have not had any issues, but yeah the ball likely gets retired earlier than some may desire - I just like playing the same ball during practice. YMMV.


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          I tend to play Pro V1s and other three or more piece urethane covered balls on the course. In my sim I try to use a ball that has less spin in an attempt to increase the life of my screen. High spin wedge shots seem to be the main issue for screen life from my experience. Given that, I try to use balls that have less spin, but will produce a launch angle within a couple degrees of the higher spin golf balls. That launch angle is effected more on wedges than other clubs. I find some of the soft ionomer covered golf balls meet my requirements and it seems to me the ones from Titleist work the best for launch angle and distance practice.