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Congrats to @Michael Baas Becking winning the TGC 2017/2018 Winter Tour - Sony Open !

Join this weeks TGC 2017/2018 Winter Tour - Carreerbuilder Challenge with 2 rounds at PGA West (Palmer)[saturday] :
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    Well, after about 20 hours of total setup, and about 800 swings, I am replacing the Vistrack with a CX2 system (which Martin was more than accommodating with.) I did struggle mightly with the setup, but I finally got it to a point where it recognized the ball and the club face on all swings ( I work in the IT field, so I was determined not to get beat by just the setup lol). The information and the visuals within the control panel were very nice. Mounting and the physical setup took me all of an hour. My head was not in the way of putting, which i was worried about. Now the cons. I did not care for the where the sensors were put on the mat (mainly the back sensor). It basically meant you had to address the ball with the club face 5 or 6 inches behind the ball, felt very uncomfortable to me. I get why it was designed like that, I just didn't like it. I took close to 800 swings that all seemed to register fine on the control panel. but not a SINGLE swing was sent to the GSA demo course. I have no idea what the issue was there, and Martin was swamped so he couldn't help me. Bottom-line....I see a lot of good in the Vistrack as an add-on to a current system. But with any new system, there are some bugs. With the amount of updates I see Martin releasing, I know he is working through them, but I am impatient; I need to get into mid-season form lol. I am choosing to replace with a more seasoned technology that is tested by the public. In a couple months, I think I would be singing a whole different tune. For now, I am going to jump on the CX2 train.


    • keither5150
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      You can PM me before you send it back. I have helped a couple of guys with their setup. Send me a couple of screen shots of the control panel cameras during a shot. Maybe I can help.

    • sturonek
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      It is already boxed up and shipped back. He said he was shipping out my CX2 this weekend

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    The CX2 system works well for me. I have some issues with spin adjustment. I have it adjusted so around the green, it duplicates my real life game. Irons are also pretty accurate. My driver shows way too much backspin. So to have an accurate tee shot, I have to handicap my irons compared to the driver. I have verified that my ball flight is really close to what I see on Golftown's GC2, I have also spent numerous trips to the driving range to confirm distance.


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      Does the club selection in the Simulator software (TGC) matter when using the CX2? For instance, if i suggests a 7 iron but i hit a 9, do I need to change the club choice in the game? Or can I just swing away?


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        Swing away, it doesn't matter. However, shot data is now being beta tested. Once released, you would have to select club if you care about viewing your numbers. LA, spin, ball speed, etc.


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          Anybody else have a Vistrack coming? Martin posted some interesting news in his Tech section today. Something that improves the reliability of how it reads the club face.


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            I have the CTS lite and the breakthrough upgrade is a flop. The club is maybe correctly measured 50% of the time...and that's with Irons. Woods are correctly detected maybe 40% of the time. I think I'm finally coming to grips that Martin's system will never work as advertised.

            I'm thinking about selling my setup if anyone is interested. i have h,v, cts and ball spin cam with tgc and red chain.


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              Wigalo, please give us more details, I was so close to buying one of Martin's sims...I just haven't pulled the trigger because of his backlog. I thought he had all of the kinks worked out.


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                It looks as though Martin has posted another update to the CP that will greatly improve face angle detection. He also submitted one on 3/ was a dud. I'll report back after work and let you know if this is an update fitting for this April fool's day or if it actually works this time. Stay tuned...


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                  So as promised, ive downloaded the latest CP update. The verdict...April fools.The face detection is still too inconsistent to actually enjoy a simulated round of golf.

                  I've attached screen shots with my comments in yellow. I really thought that Martin would pull this together, but after 5 plus years of frustration, i am tapping out. i honestly believe that if he could execute his ideas that he would have the best sim on the market without regard to price. since he cant, i think i will move on to a GC2.