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Trackman Vs gc2 advice needed please

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  • Trackman Vs gc2 advice needed please

    Just wondering if anyone has any advice they can give. I have gc2 hmt at home and yesterday i went to a local golf shop to get fitted for a new driver. My current driver is a Titleist 910 D2 in a stiff shaft. They let me test out some drivers (epic,m2 etc) on their trackman and eventually the Titleist 917 D2 in an X flex was the best fit. According to trackman my old driver was carrying around 250 yards and the fitted driver around 270 yards with a tighter dispersion also. I ended up buying the new driver thinking "great I have added 20 yards of carry!". Today I fired up fr1 and tested my old driver against the new one just to see what numbers the gc2 hmt was giving. To my shock both drivers' average carry was 250. My best carries were about 270 with both drivers and dispersion was very similar. I'm very confused as there seems to be a major discrepancy with the trackman and gc2 data. I'm tempted to just take the new driver back and ask for a refund as on the gc2 the driver numbers were very similar. Is it possible I have been misfitted? Maybe their trackman's calibration is off? Has anyone had a similar experience? Really not sure what to do. Any advice welcome. Thanks.

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    So you were hitting both your old driver and the new ones on the same trackman at the store? Or have you hit your old driver on another trackman? Golf stores are notorious for boosting distances to sell you a club but that would be a pretty bold move to have you hit your old driver and then try and change settings before you hit a new one without you noticing.

    the other possibility is that your swing changed day to day and what was optimal in the store has changed. Either way I would probably take the club back and or at least ask to go through another fitting and bring your gc2 with you.


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      Yea both drivers on the same trackman... It's weird. The driver I bought from the store was lower spin readings on trackman than on my gc2. At the golf store we were also using range balls (they have an outside range) I don't know if this would have had any effect...

      Wish I had brought my gc2 with me to compare numbers while I was there....

      I just hope my gc2 is ok and not giving false numbers....


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        When using range balls the trackman is probably set to normalize mode. And that setting is ok at best. I know it's not always possible but you should always get fitted with premium balls, preferably the ball you play with. Range balls can give strange spin readings/ ball speeds etc.
        There probably is nothing wrong with the trackman or your gc2
        If possible bring 20 balls with you and hit 10 with each driver. Make sure trackman is set to outdoor mode and no normalize. (Even old beat up balls are better than range balls for testing)


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          If you hit both, then did you see a noticeable difference in the ball flight yourself? I'm thinking 20 yard gain would have been easy to verify regardless of what trackman was showing.


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            It could be spin. TM struggles reading lower spin inside. Strange that they differed on the TM though. Did you note the spin and LA between the two?


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              The trackman session was an outdoor session. Spin readings were lower on trackman than my gc2 and also launch angles were slightly lower on trackman.... Strange....

              Anyway I am returning the driver tomorrow and i discovered there is a golf club nearby who actually have GC quad so I will feel for more comfortable going there to get fit!


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                Did you ever figure this out? I was going to suggest that the demo model might have been hot from being hit so many times, or perhaps if its an adjustable driver, perhaps you didn't have it in the same configuration, or perhaps shaft length was different on demo vs what you bought and it shows in the spin numbers? Just some ideas, and i really am curious if you figured out what was going on. (oldish thread I know).


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                  Never did figure it out. I returned the driver and next time I will be testing on quad or bringing my GC2 along. The demo driver was standard shaft length and setup as far as I know. Just can't put my finger on it... Came away very disillusioned.... Would be interesting to see my GC2 along side their Trackman to compare...


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                    Very strange indeed. Maybe the guy was pushing a secret POWAR!! button each time you swung that one haha. Anyways, thanks for the update.