TGC Tour - Congratulations!

Congrats to @shank12u and @Leon (NET) and @wbond and @shank12u (GROSS) winning the TGC 2018 SUMMER TOUR - John Deere Classic !

Join this weeks TGC 2018 SUMMER TOUR - Barbasol Championship with 2 rounds at Valhalla Louisville (Pro Tee) : and the TGC 2018 SUMMER TOUR - The Open Championship with 3 rounds at St. Andrews Links - Old Course (ProTee Yellow) :
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Optishot Remote for < $20

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    Glad you got it going chevynut. I'm pretty sure running as admin before you start the program using it (emulator, optishot, etc) is required.


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      Finally got around to doing this. Got the arcade kit for Xmas and used what I had lying around to build the box for it. Used Joytokey to map the buttons. The software was extremely easy to work with. I was surprised. It's my understanding that after 30 days I will need to purchase a license for Joytokey. Not a big deal though. It's only $7. I still need to label the buttons but it works great. I am using it for TGC. Here's the kit I used:


      • wbond
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        Are you able to completely get away from the keyboard for TGC now?

      • Jb50
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        As of now no. If I want to use the mini-map I still need to use the mouse. There are some other keystrokes that aren't programmed that I don't use often. Off the top of my head I programmed the following:

        joystick = L/R/U/D arrows to aim and work menu's
        x = club down
        y = club up
        enter = enter
        esc = menu
        q = scout
        E = Hole overview
        J = hole flyover
        I = shot analysis

        I would have to add more buttons to add functions. I could also make the joystick act like the mouse but I'm pretty satisfied how it's setup now. I haven't tried anything on the green with it yet and the reason I need the club up/down is because I am using Rmotion and you need to select club.

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      That's great jb50! Glad I was able to help.

      Hope it helps with your game experience too!


      • Jb50
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        It was kind of fun to do. Got me thinking about maybe building an arcade box for some retro gaming.