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New Iron set ?? Need your advice/recommendation please.

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  • New Iron set ?? Need your advice/recommendation please.

    I currently have a set of Titleist AP3s with XP95 regular flex shafts. I just took them to my local PGA superstore for a shaft fitting as my consistency with them recently has not been great to say the least. During the fitting they put me into a stiff flex shaft and same AP3 head as what I have and I was shocked at how much straighter and no more wayward over hook was taking place so when I asked the price to change them out to the DG105 s300 shafts it was more than half of what I paid for them to begin with.

    So this got me into looking at purchasing a new set of irons instead.

    I am retired military, so naturally I started looking for those that provide a discount. Taylor Made has 25% off for military and first responders, Callaway has 15% off and a few online stores and the PGA superstore will offer 10% off pretty much all brands but Ping and Titleist.

    Here are the irons I am looking at in no specific order:

    Taylor Made P790s (25% off = full set less than $1000)
    Ping I500s ($1100 at Dicks)
    Callaway Apex (15% off)
    Srixon Z785 (10% off)
    Sub70 699 (around $500 for the set)

    I have hit all of these except the Sub70 699s and would not have any issue with any of them.

    So just from a price standpoint I am thinking either the P790s or the Sub70 699 (they have a 639 that looks sharp too though )

    My question is has anyone tried any of the Sub70 irons or specifically the 699s? Not finding many reviews of them online. And second part would be what would be your choice or what would you recommend?


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    You can read about best sets in these reviews and Maybe you'll find additional information on this site too. I read it always before choosing something. You can buy used set if you play not very often like I do.


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      If you are retired military, you should check out PXG... I know a LEO guy who got a sick discount on a full iron set from PXG.


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        That is a great deal at 50% off!! Thanks!

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      apex 19. amazing irons


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        SkeetShooter just logged into their website just WOW !!. The PXG 0211 are within my budget and they look sharp too! By chance do you know which ones LEO got? I am guessing just by the brand alone these are stellar clubs. And with their discount they are cheaper than the rest on my list except the Sub70 699s.

        Thanks for the tip again!


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          No problem bud. If I recall, they were the predecessor to the 311 P (Players Irons) I think he is a 5 or 6 HCP golfer, and I remember when I saw them, I was like, "Dude you must be hiding a ton of money from your pension, because that set is like $4k!" Granted he has the full boat, wedges, Putter, woods, Irons (no driver though, still rocking his Ping.)

          i do recommend though, if you can find a certified fitter, to go to them. PXG is a club that you really need to hit first... I am a crappy golfer 16hcp golfer who plays old TM gamers... Hitting his irons was a shock to my system... Watching him and my buddy who is a 8HCP (formerly a 4HCP) golfer, was like being inside the ropes at a PGA event. Pick a spot, execute the swing, the ball is going there.

          I would recommend the fitter because depending on your game, you might not need a 4-pw set. You might be able to go with a 4-6-8-pw depending on your gaps. You can save a little coin there and maybe put that towards a nice SM7 Wedge set instead.

          A lot of guys say that even at the very top end of PXG's they are very forgiving.