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Congrats to @Joe_S (NET) and @Joe_S (GROSS) winning the TGC1 2021 WINTER TOUR - ATT Pebble Beach Pro-Am !

Join this weeks TGC1 2021 WINTERTOUR - The Genesis Open playing 2 rounds at Oakmont Country Club (ProTee Green) - 6836y:
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Is there a step by step guide to how to get started "on tour"?

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  • Is there a step by step guide to how to get started "on tour"?

    It seems there needs to be a bit more forward facing information to new users for getting on tour. This forum has a TAB for tournaments, and it launches you to what seems like the Tournament site. There is a button over there that says "get started" it takes us right back to the FORUMS. *shrug*.

    I've been able to figure a bit out by digging around but it really needs to be more clear. Not sure who runs what on the sites. Here would be my suggestion...

    Big TAB on forums that says Tournaments - CHECK!
    Tournaments page that says - Get Started - Join Tour - CHECK!
    ---However this button needs to take us to a page that has all the step by step get started information in once place.
    ie. Heres how to setup your shot tracking required for joining the tour. This page has been created but is lacking a detail. A user must play an official event for their tour profile to be created. Either Q School or a tournament (as I understand it) rather than just a random few holes.

    This brings up Q School. Where is this information at? I'm sure it's a tournament setup in TGC, but where, what to search for etc. This information could be much more clear and put on the same page.

    Explanation of HCP's and how they are used/created. These are based on your tournament play, not TGC. I played 5 rounds in TGC so I could get a HCP (although it's terrible, as I was learning) I thought I needed it. This could be explained again on a detail page such as this I speak of.

    Timeframe of tournament entries and endings. How those are figured. Just saw a post for someone asking about why they couldn't enter an event as it was closed but should have been open in their time zone.

    I'm sure there are some other things...but those are the main basics. This information may be elsewhere, and forgive me if it is in a place I've missed. Hopefully it's not spread throughout. If nothing else could someone make a STICKY SITE WIDE that says "How to get started on Tour - Step by Step" or something. Then link to all the places this information already exists.

    May help clue. Thanks to everyone that keeps this site up and the tour. This isn't a rant by any means just constructive thoughts by a new user.

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      You are so right about this, I guess its possible that I am missing all the information in front of my eyes but I am having a very hard time getting things set up to play online. Maybe not important to the people that run it and their happy the way it is. I've mostly just stopped trying and playing regular offline courses with friends.


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        Ya i was thinking the same thing. All the info we need seems to be scattered around in sticky threads. You really have to sit down and dig around to find out whats what when you are beginning. It took me a couple days to understand ProTee was the organizers lol i thought it was a simulator. I was on the tgctour website registering haha come to find out thats for consoles!! For a newbie it is pretty scattered info but once i figured enough out to get started its been awesome. And people seem to respond pretty fast on here so thats great