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Protee base pack vs skytrak

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  • Protee base pack vs skytrak

    I initially thought my only option was going to be skytrak in my future fold up garage sim since I was expecting to hit off center for righties and lefties due to width but it looks like I may be able to squeeze enough width for both to hit from the same spot.

    Doing some quick research I didn't realize how closely they are priced.
    Skytrak + tgc =~$2590 compared to protee base pack (which comes with tgc correct?) for ~$2995.

    I'm thinking if I do go the protee route and my space/setup allows me to, am I missing a lot out of the gate without the putting sensor and extra camera? I'm hoping I can get it set up and then addon as I go. Also it looks like there is a ton of tweaking and setup with protee. How many hours of install and tweaking would I expect? What is the accuracy difference between skytrak vs protee base vs protee with both cameras?

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    there is a youtube video which shows the differences in them. I've tried to search it but i couldn't get the one i was after. i have a skytrak and apart from the delay i think its best you can get for price point. i could be wrong, but i think its ball data is very accurate. yes, protee has club data, but there are implementations for skytrak for this. if you have space and money allows a protee might be your go to sim. i like the portability of skytak which is another reason i went down that path.


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      Disclaimer.....I am bias.

      If you have a permanent setup and like to have tons of options and settings that you can tweak, then I would go ProTee. It took me about a full day to set it up and I would say over the course of the first month I would read posts here and talk to members and would make tweaks and experiment with the settings and lights (very important) to the point that I get a misread maybe once per round and some rounds without any. I believe the accuracy is spot on when compared to my real life results. There is absolutely no shot delay which for me is very critical to the whole sim experience. Now, I probably have forgotten more than I know about the system because I have not touched the settings for months. I simply turn it on and start hitting. Very, very happy.

      My friend had a skytrack. He simply turned it on, leveled it and started hitting. He liked it but had to get rid of it due to space limitations at home. Honestly, we did not have enough time to do a side by side comparison. It would get some no reads every once in awhile. That's really all I can say. I would suggest that if mobility was important to you and you are willing to give up some accuracy and club data for "plug n play" simplicity, then the skytrack may be the way to go.

      Hope that helps.


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        Thanks for the feedback Gene. I wouldn't have a permanent set up so correct me if I'm wrong I was thinking I would really only need to unplug the hitting sensor before I put the hitting mat away. Should be able to keep the cameras in one spot.

        The latest thing I've been trying to perfect in my planning is having both right and left handed players to hit from the same area. With the skytrak we'll have to move the unit every shot.


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          I think moving the hitting sensor (mat) is probably doable, but you would need a way to be precise when moving it back and forth. For sure, the lights and camera are designed to be permanent fixtures. Also, lighting control of the room is critical, especially for the vertical camera and the background it will see.(should be black).


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            I would not get a skytrak or even a gc2 if your main focus is both left and right handed play. It will get old real quick moving it every time. Or come up with some type of rotating base for those.


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              i have a rotating base for my GC2 it works perfect for left and right handed


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                I have a Skytrak. I'm righty, my daughter is righty, and my son is lefty. He's the shortest so we set the Skytrak up lefty and my daughter (9) and I hit over the top of it. Works quite well and I hit all shots with no issues.


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                  The rotating base was my initial thought but I don't have enough width when rotating since you need ~12" each side additional rotating for the hitting zone.

                  I'll have to try hitting over the top of it when I get it set up and if it doesn't feel comfortable I'll go back to the drawing board.