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Optimizing ProTee for commercial use

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  • Optimizing ProTee for commercial use

    Hey guys,

    I am in the final stages of purchasing an existing indoor golf facility in Northern Michigan and am looking for some upgrading advice. I'm pretty new to the simulator game so your advice is greatly appreciated.

    Currently there are 3 ProTee setups all running ProTee 2.0 software. From what I understand, the community is a little frustrated with the existing setups so I am looking to improve the playing experience. These are my ideas at this point:
    1. The current hardware is the ProTee sensor mat plus the V cam. It seems like I can add the H-cam for a reasonable cost. Will there be a significant improvement in the accuracy of the system with adding the H cam? I'm trying to make the system as accurate as possible.
    2. The community has been playing the same ProTee 2.0 software for 6 years now so I think it's time for a software upgrade. I am leaning towards TGC 2019. Any other options I should consider? Ease of use to the commercial customer would be important.
    3. I am thinking about turning one of the simulator bays into more of a premium option and installing a Trackman 4. I'm hoping once Trackman releases the spin-axis fix software update this will be a very accurate setup for teaching and club fitting indoors. What are your thoughts on this? Is it worth the investment for Trackman or is the ProTee good enough? Can I run TGC 2019 on the Trackman 4 so all three bays can compete on the same courses?
    4. Does anyone have experience with the ProTee Play games? From what I have seen there are some options that would be entertaining for the younger kids in the 5-12 year old range that don't want to play serious rounds of golf or practice sessions. What kid doesn't want to kill zombies with golf balls?

    Just throwing some ideas out there for now. I'm sure I will have more questions as things evolve. Thanks in advance for the support!


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    Get the H-Cam. It significantly improves accuracy.
    TGC or TGC 2019 are much better than the older ProTee (Red Chain) software.
    Before you install Trackman run the facility for a while. If ultimately you want to run the same sim software on all the sims, where is the benefit of the Trackman?
    ProTee Games are just that... They have been of zero interest to me. Not sure what others would say.


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      For the premium room I would maybe go with the GC hawk? I find the foresight monitors are more accurate indoors. Also the hawk makes it super easy for righty and lefties.


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        Score18 golf outside of Chicago IL has 5 protee studios. Check them out.

        I would see if you could run E6.1 software.

        TGC2019 is awesome but it really is best for a home installation. If you get a disconnect with multiple players only P1 can restart. This would be a major problem in a commercial setting.


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          I would definitely add the improves accuracy. For a commercial enfironment, I believe the biggest improvement you can make for the average player is the graphics and play experience. For that, I would definitely get TGC2019....your community will love it. It will make the entire sim feel and look like a new system.