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Congrats to @shank12u and @Leon (NET) and @wbond and @shank12u (GROSS) winning the TGC 2018 SUMMER TOUR - John Deere Classic !

Join this weeks TGC 2018 SUMMER TOUR - Barbasol Championship with 2 rounds at Valhalla Louisville (Pro Tee) : and the TGC 2018 SUMMER TOUR - The Open Championship with 3 rounds at St. Andrews Links - Old Course (ProTee Yellow) :
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TGC 2017 Summer Tour - PGA Championship

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  • TGC 2017 Summer Tour - PGA Championship

    3 rounds at Quail Hollow Wells Fargo Sunday

    PGA Championship

    Gimme : within 2 yards / 1.8 meters
    Handicap : Not required
    Wind: OFF
    Green Grid : ON
    Club Suggestion is ENABLED.
    Boost: OFF (+/-5% max on club settings)

    The PGA Championship runs from TODAY - August 13.

    Purse: $9,500,000


    You can play by yourself, offline with friends or ghost players or online.

    Please turn on Shot Recording! Instructions on how to setup Shot Recording:

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    TGC Tours:


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      Whew. Pull up the big boy pants this week fellas. 😀


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        I've been on vacation, then I hurt my left foot, and now I can't play any golf until it heals... god knows how long that will be.. ugh


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          A bit long for me, especially since my driver was not cooperating today. Hopefully I can hit some fairways in round 2. Solid course although the greens are tough at his length


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            My chipping went from single digit handicapper to rank beginner in one round. I hit a good shot greenside on one hole only to 4 chip it. Many times I bladed it through, or kept it in a bunker, but I was even mis reading the ones I hit solid. I'm actually fairly sure I hit the ball better with my 91 than the 76, it my game under 50y just disappeared, Lot of work to do now, not the easiest to do with skytrak either.

            Couple of technical notes too. Misreads are way up on skytrak. I've had a few instances recently where I hitting 4 flush long irons/wood in a row without a read, then I mis hit it a bit and get a read. I can't rewind it, because it's what I hit, but why not read one of the 4 solid shots? Similar with the chipping and putting, a lot of misreads. Nothing has changed and the ball was brand new. Interestingly, the teed up driver reads almost always.

            Other question, why don't I show on Gross leaderboard? I can understand the net, as my handicap is still crazy, but gross puts us all as equals, I'd expect to show there if any. Edit: Also not showing the right flag, I'm from Australia, which is set in my forum profile.
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              -36 handicap players will not show on the gross leaderboards. The tour handicap system updates every tuesday. It just updated. You now play scratch until you got your 5 rounds in. We recommend to play a couple of Q-School rounds to get your official tour handicap quicker.

              We changed your flag. Have fun!
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                Ah OK, thanks for that.

                Onto worse news, decided to play a 2nd round and ... 3 doubles in the first 4 holes, once again slaughtered around the greens. Then got into a nice rhythm for +2 over the next 7 holes and the score looked respectable again... Then went +13 for the 2 remaining par 3's. A triple on 13, and a 10 on 17, hitting 3 in a row in the water, followed by a 3 putt. The worst is, I didn't feel like I hit any of the 3 poorly, all started where I wanted, just too much side spin Positives include 6 GIR's in the round, and also stopped blading the chips, maybe only once or twice. Still can't get the distance of my chips, nor putts going at the moment.


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                  Chipping just takes time. Putting wise have you tweaked the settings file for pace?

                  I found for Scottish greens I had to bring the pace down a notch to match what I had in my head for the distance on screen.


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                    The funny thing is, I watched a golf show before going to bed (yes, 100% obsessed right now), golf channel Academy, had Tom Kite. You know that slightly condescending line "what I see a lot of amateurs do..." Well that line explained my current chipping technique I am trying. Essentially, freezing the body, and just chipping with the arms, to eliminate extra moving parts that aren't needed. He likes to move the whole body with any chip still, get a fluid feel, like you are sweeping a broom through. There were many more tips I really enjoyed from that show too, might be worth digging up for chipping hackers.

                    But the real amazing thing to me was watching him do a drill. They picked out 30/40/50/60y markers with a laser pointer, and he knew where in his backswing to stop to generate those exact distances, and even now well into his 60's, he didn't miss a distance by more than 1y. He even called it long when one was in the air, and it travelled 31y instead of 30y. If I'm calling it long or short, it's because it's 10-15y long or short, 1y long is considered a perfect shot!

                    It's all good news to me though. I have something to work on now, and have the perfect tool (golf sim) to do it with. My biggest fear with golf has always been that it's not my swing thoughts, it's just me. It's part of what has kept me away from the sport for over 20 years. But I'm now refusing to believe that it's me, and that there isn't some technical reason why I am sucking, something that can be fixed.

                    Going to be tough to get a lot of time on the sim this coming week, so might try to finish up the PGA tonight, and then it's really a lot of chipping practice in the coming weeks I think.


                    • GarySatterwhite
                      GarySatterwhite commented
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                      Best thing you can "think" about when pitching sb is the target. May sound too simple, but if you let it go and let your body react to the target you will be amazed at what your body and brain will do. Similar to short stop throwing a ball to first base from deep short, his brain and body reacts. You should work on technique and all that good stuff, enjoy yourself. BUT, when hitting that 38 yard pitch over the bunker out of the deep rough, it's all reactionary. Good luck...

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                    holy hell that was 3 ridiculous rounds....dont' go into the woods and then try to "hit through them" -- bad choice Andrew! good news is that I finished my 3 rounds first so I'll get to be in first for a whort time


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                      Yes, it's usually not that hard to just chip it out, but it's crazy hard to get it close to the green if you get it in the trees. I really have to work on the low punch, because I can sometimes see the green, but far too often hit it up higher than I expect, hit a tree and... Of course I'm going to enjoy eating those words while I watch the pros get right into the thickest stuff and still get it in a bunker somehow and nearly hole the chip for birdie.

                      Andy, still an 8 shot improvement on your 1st round, so you have to be a bit pleased. Also gives me a target to beat, have to get 89 to beat your total.

                      Gary, thanks for the tip. While you are hitting 70 on courses like this, I'm inclined to listen to your opinions on golf, happy to hear any more tips you have. Good luck on your next rounds.


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                        OK, stopped the bleeding somewhat with an 86 today. Tried some of the Tom Kite chipping tips, and I must say I think this suits me very much. I didn't have the distance down yet, but bladed 0 chips, which didn't even happen in my previous 76 round. Should have had a tonne of up and downs, only the chips would often finish 8-14ft from the pin, and the putter only co-operated once or twice from there. Striking was a little erratic in direction still, but getting good with contact, pretty much only mis-hitting a handful of shots today.


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                          If this was real life I would have lost all my golf balls on hole 17


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                            Didn't record my third round