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Tour Online Play Guidelines. Please Read.

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  • Tour Online Play Guidelines. Please Read.

    Updated 1/18/15

    Guidelines: Must read and post in this thread that you agree to the guidelines.


    To offer an online league format that facilitates all that we enjoy about playing the Sport of Golf. To make Tournament settings on each round that compare to PGA standards.

    Golf is a sport of honesty, all players are expected not to treat this like a game but treat it as if you were actually participating in live Events. Do not cheat or manipulate the Game to give yourself and advantage. Remember we all want to finish on top please do not cheat your way to the top.

    Anybody caught cheating is subject to removal from the tour and possibly banned from the forum.

    Distance and side spin Settings:
    Distance settings: Speed and Drag settings for both GSX and ProTee Interface are to remain at default, +/- 5%. You may increase or decrease the carry to meet your Real Distances out on the Course for each particular club, but do not exceed +/-5%. If you need to exceed 5%, contact me as there might be a problem with your setup.

    Side spin settings: ProTee club side spin and GSX side spin sliders are to remain at default +/-5% for all club types.

    Game Play Format:
    Tournament will be either set in 2-4 Rounds for each Event. Course condition in the game must match the tournament conditions stated on the online tour site for each tournament. Rounds should be played online against another person. Make every effort to arrange a match using this forum or sending out group text messages. If you're having difficulties arranging a match and need to play solo to get your round in, you must follow the guidelines below.

    Playing solo guidelines:
    1: must stream your round using Twitch and have it set to auto save.
    2: provide me with your Twitch ID.
    3: can not play solo if you're 1st or 2nd on the leaderboard.
    4: can only play solo on your second round. You must play your first round with a live person.
    5: Scores must be entered live, hole after hole, on the online scoring site as you're playing and streaming.

    Note: If I can't find your saved stream on Twitch or if the video does not play, your round will be voided.

    Mulligans (Shot Rewind):
    You can take a mulligan for system misreads only. Must be agreed to by your playing partner.

    Scores for all Rounds will be entered in Live format. Entry will be done after completion of each hole player must enter score on ******************* site. This will give players the opportunity to know where they sit during game play. Scores can be entered on the site using a tablet or smartphone.

    All scorecards will be verified, any scorecard that is inaccurate is subject to a 2 stroke penalty, and if it is found that the entry was done on purpose it will result in disqualification from the Tournament.

    Speed up play by playing "ready golf".
    1) After hitting, re-tee / replace your ball for the next shot so you are ready to go.
    2) Don't take more than one practice swing when it's your turn (if working out a kink, do it while others are hitting)
    3) Use the scorecard on TGC or ******************* to see what the next hole is. i.e. the next hole is a PAR 3, so tee up for a PAR 3 while you're waiting for your turn to putt.

    Putting speed factor settings for ProTee and GSX:
    You can set your putting speed factor for a level putt to match what you like initially. Players can not change their putting factor(for their device) for each and every course on TGC during the season.

    Putter forgiveness settings:
    ProTee - set Puttingmat_angle_correction to 2.
    GSX - set putting forgiveness to 2.

    Putting from around the green:
    Putting is allowed from the fringe and first cut only. Do not use a putter if your in the rough. If the lie says rough, do not use a putter. In the game, when you putt from the rough, all that happens is the speed is reduced a little. Not like in real golf.

    TGC Penalties explained:
    Light Rough, Rough, and fairway sand are about 1 club or about 7% loss of distance. Heavy rough is about 2 clubs or about 13% loss of distance . Green side Bunkers 40 yards or less from green will have 35%(carry) penalty applied. Great than 40 will have 7% penalty applied.

    TGC penalty settings(when TGC is enabled):

    GC2 users:
    Set all penalties sliders in GSX to default of zero.

    ProTee system users:

    In ProTee Interface, set green bunker penalty to 40 and all other penalties to zero.

    ProTee Golf 2.0 penalty settings(when TGC is disabled):
    Set penalties sliders to whatever you want. We will never use ProTee 2.0 for a tournament, ever again!.

    Handicap Info:
    The system will also incorporate the USGA's ESC or equitable stroke control. It will be done after the tournament and for handicap calculations only.
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    Excellent advice Z. I agree with all of it. Key is to play ready golf so round can be quick. Great job.


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      Thanks bubba22.

      Feel free to comment or let me know if there's anything else I should add.


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        I agree with them also. One issue that does slow us down is misreads, which means mulligans. I know there is not a lot we can do about this.
        GC2 Eastern Time Zone, USA


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          looks good to me.


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            Hi Zmax, what difficulty rating are you using, I see in the setting it can set any where between Professional to Beginner.


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              Difficulty setting should be set to professional.


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                Online Play Guidelines updated. Please read, especially if your a new player.


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                  Online play guidelines update. All tour players must review the updated guidelines in the first post.


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                    Guidelines updated again. Added solo play and putting guidelines.

                    All tour players must read the guidelines and post in this thread that you agree to the guidelines.
                    Last edited by Vance; 12-04-2014, 05:19 PM.


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                      I read and agree. Great job, Z! With an assist from the cat!


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                        I've read and I agree to follow all rules.

                        Excellent work Z. Thank you so much for all the work you put into this league we are all very thankful for your valuable time it makes playing in this league so much fun.
                        Florida, USA Eastern Standard Time

                        Twitch Channel:fweiland


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                          I have read and agree.


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                            Agreed. Great job Z!


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                              I, being of sound mind and body, solemnly swear to abide by said bylaws.