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Unbelievable Fix - Only took two years.

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  • Unbelievable Fix - Only took two years.

    Not sure where to begin with this. Owned my system for 2 years, loved it, always tweaking it looking for the flawless experience. I have tweaked and played with the cameras and lights in every imaginable configuration. I have read every message on this board about the system and I have never seen a message on the subject that I am about to explain, so, my purpose is to put it out there for any future users looking to maximize their setup.

    My biggest misread has always been the read where my ball streak is picked up but I also pick up the club head, particularly at the top of the follow through. About every 10th shot or so, I would get a launch angle reading of 40% + because of this....I tried PT1 -5, changed camera settings, software settings, light bulbs, ... basically everything I could think of. I kept thinking, " if I could excluded the right side of the image like you can the left and bottom, my problem would be solved....then it hit me....what if I took out the 2nd light. I don't use the putting sensor, so, what would it hurt.

    Man, that was it. I have hit 200 irons shots and over 50 driver shots and not one single misread....not one!!!!!!

    So, I thought "what an idiot", this has had to come up before, so, I searched the messages again....and this subject has not really been discussed. I did find where ProTee suggests both lights for the VCam, but no explaination as to why or what the second light does for you. Obviously, if you use the putting sensor you need it...but, do you really need it if you don't. In my case, I can say that you do not...

    So, I would take it one step further and say that even if you used the putting sensor and needed the 2nd light, I would consider putting the 2nd light on a separate switch and only turn it on when you are putting. Now again, I am assuming that your problem is picking up the club head on your follow through.

    In conclusion, I am saying that if you are getting a good ball streak under light one, you do not need light two and it will only cause you problems of picking up the club head. Therefore, if you don't use the putting sensor, simply disconnect it and if you do use the putting sensor then put it on a switch and only turn it on when you are putting.

    That being said, ProTee may come in and disapprove of everything I have said...but, my system is working the best it ever has and I am thrilled with it.


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    Good suggestion, mine does not pick up the club head as often as you mention, but I may try this.

    I noticed that using a 3-wood with a white club head would get picked up much more often than a black club head.


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      Question to Gene438, did you ever have ProTee do a remote support session?


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        Hey Aja, yes, I had a remote session although primarily it was to fix a problem I had with the hcam as far as the camera not sending data to the software. They actually fixed it with an update to the interface software and that works flawlessly. During that process, they set everything back to baseline and like I said, I have always gotten nice ball problem was that 4 or 5 times a round I would get a shot way to the left because the system was picking up the club head. I tried PT1 - PT5 and could never get it to eliminate entirely. Removing the 2nd light addition I get a slightly better image quality as it also knocks out light around the screen.


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          I should also add that I have ran with both resolutions 640 and 320.......I prefer 320 x 240


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            I thought that I would update this thread with something that is working for me. Instead of turning the forward halogen light off, I tilted the light away from where my club head reflection was appearing.

            Being a right handed player, the club head reflection shows up in the H-Cam image in the forward left corner (where my follow through is). By pointing the light to the right of the putting sensor, I was able to reduce the amount of light reflected off my club head during follow through. I still have light getting to the putting sensors even though it is not centered on them.

            I think that this may have eliminated my issue with H-Cam mistaking the club head for the ball.

            The potential bad news is that I may have made the problem worse for left handed golfers. My wife has a lefty friend, it will be interesting to see what happens when she comes over.