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Interested in ProTee sim for my local course

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  • Interested in ProTee sim for my local course

    I am exploring the possibility of putting a sim in for my local course to use during the winter.
    I was looking at possibly using a ProTee system due to the lefty/righty thing.
    I am looking for info from users and former users as to how easy it is to set up and other pro's & con's.
    I had another camera based system that was an F'ing nightmare to set up.
    Any info would be greatly appreciated!
    Either post here or PM me.

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    This system is not a simple plug and play type system there is some technical effort required to set it up. That being said, I'm not the most advanced computer user around and I managed to get mine set up and I'm very happy with the results. I've even used a launch monitor to compare the results to and I find the results to be very close. Protee also has a very good customer support system along with this forum and its users to rely on for assistance. If you browse around the site a bit you'll get an idea of the issues that most owners experience as well as the fixes for each. By the time you actually take delivery of the system you'll know exactly what to expect which makes solving issues much easier. My daughter works at a local indoor golf establishment that uses systems valued at 50 K plus and she finds our system to work just as well, if not better in some aspects. Your membership will love a system like this.


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      Do you need black non reflective surfaces to show the ball trace?
      Once it is set-up, is it pretty much dummy proof ie, you can let someone use it without baby sitting them?
      I assume it calculates and does not measure spin? Do the balls actually draw and fade and shows the curve?
      Can it only be used with TGC?
      How often are there misreads?
      Any other input would be appreciated.


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        Matt black sides are best, not a major issue but light reflection in the camera is not great to have.
        It calculates ball spin and does a very good job of this and shows all shot types as you would expect.
        The system can be used with TGC, TGC 2019, ProTee 2.0, ProTee Play and E6.
        If you need any help or want to message any set up questions please do and I will be happy to help you with build info and how we build them here in the UK. You can also get help via our webchat at
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          PROTEE UK - where did you get the Matt black padding sides?

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        Do you need black non reflective surfaces to show the ball trace?
        I don't have black non-reflective surfaces, but they are dark and seem to work.

        Once it is set-up, is it pretty much dummy proof ie, you can let someone use it without baby sitting them?
        I would say yes for the most part. I use windows 10 pro and when it updates it seems to erase some of my settings. The V camera settings shift over time for some reason and requires resetting. I have tried the fix and the system still does it, at least with Windows 10 Pro.

        I assume it calculates and does not measure spin? Do the balls actually draw and fade and shows the curve?
        It calculates spin, although the ball flights look reasonable. For me the spin rates for irons 9 and above as well as hybrids, metals and driver are a bit over 10% high in comparison to my Trackman/Flightscope numbers. Interesting enough, wedges are about the same amount low. For me distances need to be adjusted, but only slightly. Wedges down 2% to 4% and other clubs up 2%.

        Can it only be used with TGC?
        Other software packages are available.

        How often are there misreads?
        I tend to hit the ball high and that does seem to cause issues with the system readings. My understanding that is due to the club head reaching the front sensors before the ball. In my experience that starts happening for launch angles starting a bit above 30 degrees. If one calculates when that might start happening, it comes out a bit over 30 degrees launch angle. So, I would say that makes sense. That issue makes it tough to play rounds, because a shot that should go 90 yards will often go 140 yards. I have tried the many setting that might improve this issue with limited success. I do get other misreads once in a while, but once the cameras are setup with good ball streaks, the system works well.

        Any other input would be appreciated.
        I found left and right setup is not that straight forward. V camera settings that work well for right handers come out to bright and cause misreads for left handers. Protee and other have likely solved these issues.


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          Set up is pretty easy plus you have support to help you also if you need it.

          Once set up, there are no need for updates to be done if the PC is for the sole use of the simulator.

          We set the Pcs to not be able to update once set up.

          If building your own or supplying your own PC, there are some missing visual files in windows 10 and I have the full list in a single download which is very useful and happy to share it with and offer set up assistance.

          The cameras do not lose their settings I think this is reference to an old camera type.
          The cameras now are different much better and never lose settings.

          Spin is calculated but actually is very close, Distances are usually spot on and the only adjustment required is to suit what you do out doors.
          Shots shape just as you would see the shot you hit.

          Our unit is used professionally and with over 10,000 shots per week it is great set up is key for accuracy seek support that is what its there for if you need it. Never get any issue with wedges at all not even the tiniest chip shots.

          Most issues are set up related but with all the support offered from ProTee there is no reason to have issues. Your curtains will be fine as long as not sparkly which are just a pain rather than a system issue it is just a bit harder at times to get perfection from the cameras

          For example I had a user who played way up the side of a mountain way above sea level and carried 25 yards longer then he would normally on flat nearer sea level.

          This is a great feature to allow for this scenario so you can better match outdoor game with indoor.

          Software available.
          TGC 2019 and Protee 2.0 come with all base 1, base 2 and base pro packs.
          Proteeplay and E6 can also be used

          No issues with left and right handed from either left or right camera position again this is down to good set up and good camera settings.
          New interface file settings actually have some hugely improved instructions for ball detection and would very rarely through out a bad launch

          Remeber every system says something a little different and systems that measure club speed and ball speed are surprisingly accurate.
          ProTee calculates the spin and on test against some really nice launch monitors holds its own when set up is good.
          Suppose the upside for this is that you can use what ever balls you like and dont have to worry about marking balls etc which is useful in a set up where it will be used for rental but then its not measuring actual spin. Saying that the systems that do measure ball spin say different things also so really what is the most accurate system on the market?

          If the shot does what it should and goes the way it should and looks like it should then I guess you could say that is an accurate representation.

          This system helped me run a very good professional business 4 years ago and now I own distribution in UK and Europe. No way would I have changed my business and career for something that was just not good enough.

          In fact I could not believe 4 years ago how good it was and for how much I paid. It paid for it self very very quickly

          Any help needed just message


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            PROTEE UK - where did you get the Matt black padding sides?

            These are actually custom made faux leather pads.
            I have someone here in UK that makes them for me.
            They are easy to make but this type take a while as they are small and a lot needed.
            We do them in suede also

            ​​​​​​Sides don' t have to be totally Matt but things that give a sparkly effect can be a pain with cams that's all.
            A lot of curtains that are black if you look closely shine and sparkle it can be worked around but why make it hard from the start


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              Ok, thanks for all the info. Not sure where this is all going, but I will file all this away in my little brain.


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                You cant go wrong with a Protee. Getting it setup well is the key and Protee provide excellent service.


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                  Thanks bubba, Protee continues to strive to give the best support in the market.