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Pc or laptop

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  • Pc or laptop

    I am looking at what is the best way to go for a computer to run TGC using skytrak. I am wondering what most people are using for a computer.

    Also how much of a difference do you actually see regarding running a gtx 970 or better graphics card or something slightly slower. The reason I ask is people seem to be running most other games on full settings with a lesser card than a gtx 970 with no problems.

    I know this topic has probably been covered many times but thought I would throw it out there.

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    TGC is not a well-optimized game. It runs poorly on video cards that are capable of running most other modern games at max settings.

    If you want to run it at 1080 resolution with max settings, and maintain 60fps, a 970 is the minimum card that you should consider.


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      I run TGC on a laptop with a gtx 980m and it runs fine. However i wouldn't go lower with a laptop.


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        Ok good info. Thanks. Are most people running a pc tower or a gaming laptop??


        • Sascha1818
          Sascha1818 commented
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          definitely pc, better performance for half the price. I only use laptop because i have to put everything up and take it back down every time i use it. My sim room right now is not heated and has no door to lock . But that's over soon :-)

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        I love my gaming laptop for TGC. I run the 980m with no issues and I can take my laptop from my mancave to the house and have a killer surfing machine. If I come across a cheap desktop I may opt to put it permanently in the cave but for now the Alienware fills the bill.


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          PC. High spec i7 processor. Lots of usb ports. SSD drive as primary storage.

          Îf you get the minimum spec PC you won't have any prospect of adding function in tthe future. Try video recording, swing analysis for instance.


          • Miura Mario
            Miura Mario commented
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            I have a smaller ssd and another storage drive - would you recomend installing tgc on the ssd? Or does it not matter?

          • aja
            aja commented
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            As I understand it, it's better to put the OS and programs on the SSD since they will load faster than being on a conventional hard drive. (For regular storage SSD drives are overkill.)

            That will speed part of TGC up, loading the initial program. To get the course(s) we are reliant on the internet and servers.

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          I'm running on a laptop with a 970m with no issues. I have detail set to high and its perfectly smooth.