TGC Tour - Congratulations!

Congrats to @Saik Golf winning the TGC 2017/2018 Winter Tour - AT&T Pebble Beach ProAm !

Join this weeks TGC 2017/2018 Winter Tour - Genesis Open with 2 rounds at Riviera Country Club Friday :
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Launch angles

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    Here is a pick with protee lights on and shop lights off. Looks like camera is aiming down towards the mat.


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      This looks much better! Thanks a lot for the help and education.


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        That's awesome! Right at trackman PGA average for a 7 iron. Enjoy!


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          I just bought the pro tee and joined this forum, I have been reading through a lot of threads and there is a lot of good information here. I just finished my sim build and started playing, every once in a while the launch angle will be from the club so I'm messing around with the fixes that people are making for this but one question is in my captures I have never seen the ball. in the result screen I am getting a good white line from the ball and everything seems to be working pretty good I think. does it matter if I don't see the ball in the captures?


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            Neither camera will specifically show the ball, at least not as a distinct round object. The streak or white line is what the camera processes as the "ball". The shutter speeds are nowhere near those required to capture an image of the ball.

            Once in a while the camera or software processes the clubhead instead of the ball. That's where the crazy launch angles come from. Some tweaking can reduce this but I have never been able to completely eliminate it.

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          Post some screenshots if possible.