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Congrats to @frackh and @inorkuo winning the TGC 2017/2018 Winter Tour - OHL Classic !

Join this weeks TGC 2017/2018 Winter Tour - RSM Classic with 2 rounds at Sea Island CC(GA) - Seaside :
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ProTee Portal error - cant open

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  • ProTee Portal error - cant open

    New install - Everything seemed to install correct followed steps the best I could. When I click on ProTee Protal I get an error - The parameter is inccorrect. - I clear that and it say - Commuication with server failed. - was able to get TGC license and login on that no issues.

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    This must be some sort of installation error, maybe missing some components. Contact the help desk.
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      First I will uninstall the ProTee Portal and reinstall, if that does not work I will completely uninstall everything and start over. Will let you know if this works. Thanks for the comment.


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        No luck uninstalling Portal and reinstalling -
        Then I Tried to reinstall over first install rather than total uninstall, probably making a mess, but all still seems to work other than Portal. Have sent ticket request to Pro Tee. Hope I hear something soon.


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          SOLVED !!! - Pro tee support took over my computer and checked everything, reloaded everything and they were stumped. Still could no open Portal. They suggested total reinstall of Windows 10 - I used the option of keeping my files not a total clean and what do you know I can now log into the portal. - Thank you Pro Tee support. !!!