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ProTee course packs 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7

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  • ProTee course packs 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7

    If you're missing courses, download these course packs.

    Click here to download CoursePack3

    Click here to download CoursePack4

    Course pack 5
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    Thread for download links and discussions of ProTee courses.

    Latest course packs:

    Quicksilver Golf Club 2012
    The Ridges
    Village Links Of Glen Ellyn 2013
    Wakonda Club 2012
    Warwickshire National

    LedgeRock Golf Club 2012
    Quarry at Giants Ridge 2013
    Glen Oak
    Dallas National
    Autumn Hills 2013
    Lookaway Golf Club 2013
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      Known issues:

      Linfield National does not load. It will just crash.
      Ledgerock Golf Club Short Rough Lie is acting like a greenside bunker Lie.
      Sonoma Shore's mini map comes and goes.


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        Thanks for the heads up Zmax. Just curious with the issues...not familiar with where these new courses come from and who creates them. Are they able to be fixed for future use? Thanks


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          These courses were created by enthusiasts for the red chain PC golf game WGC2011. That's most of our coures come from. RC should be able to fix these issues.


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            LedgeRock seems to have an issue on the 17th fairway during the approach shot to the green. I have experienced it multiple times and confirmed by Tom during online play last night. When about 160-180 out, we each took multiple shots and the fairway seems to react like hitting out of the deep rough. No matter how hard you hit the shot with any club, you cannot get to the green.
            Anyone else experience this?


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              Thanks Rambo. So is it labelled as fairway when you hit? And it's only #17? Any particular spot?


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                I personally did not notice what it is labeled. we were both in the fairway near the end. easily 10 yards from the end I was to the right side center at 171 and he was more left of me and i beleive he had 170 to go. it was 15 yards up hill on my shot and I hit a 210 yard club flush and was way short. shot went 148. We took several shots with numerous clubs and nothing was even close to making the green. and 17 was the only time I noticed. But I have played many rounds on this course and I cant remember hitting the green on my second shot but I can remember hitting from short. Another thing that Z and myself talked about was that on the new courses I have never made a chip shot with the pin in. I have a replay saved of a shot on hole 2 that the ball bounced 3 times went in the cup and came back out. but it is hard to see on the replay I have saved, as the camera setting was one from behind the stick. but when looking at the replay before I saved it you can see the ball go in the cup and


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                  I played around on Ledgerock hole 17 today at the 170 yard range to the green. The fairway was indeed labelled fairway. I hit several shots including my 180 yard club and my 215 yard club. The 180 yd iron carried 156 but rolled back about 15 yards. The 215 yard club carried about 190 yards to the back of the green. The chs was normal with both clubs so it doesn't appear to be acting like rough. To me it looks the elevation is causing the decrease in distance from that spot on the fairway, imho.


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                    Thanks Brent. The only thing I can think of is maybe some parts of that fairway might be labeled strangely.

                    Tom, Rambo, do you guys remember the exact Lie label? Was it Fairway or FAIRWAY or something else?


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                      I did not notice. I heard the machine say fairway that is all I remember. the wind was with us on our tee shot so the wind should have been left to right and a slight helping wind on the shot so I did not think the wind would have had anything to do with the shot. i know the elavation was a factor so on my first shot I used my 180 club and let it fly. I hit the hill rolled back a bit and then I took my 190 club and same spot not a great strike, then I took out my 210 club and hit it flush and the the ball hit bounced and came back maybe a couple yards and the shot said 148. We were both only a few yards apart. he was to my left I was right center in fairway maybe 5-15 yards from the end he was about in the center of the fairway, and maybe 5 yards short of me. This was not the first time he noticed this spot that is why we decided to hit several shots. We discussed it before either of us hit a shot. I think he mentioned it while you were still playing with us Z. So it must be labeled wr


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                        I'm thinking it's the labeling, which is done by RC. The course was done correctly and the game said fairway, but the labels are put in there for simulator use.


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                          I am just curious about Ardmore and Sonoma Shores. Ardmore is a great layout other than the fact that the bunkers read as lie instead of bunker. I seem to recall another course that had this problem and was fixed. Sonoma Shores is also a great course but the minimap is on and off. Are there any plans to update them in the near future so they are more useable? I am really hoping so.


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                            Protee knows about these problems and I'm sure they told RC. Will ask for a status. There is an ocean course that has the same problem as Ardmore. Name starts with a C I think. We've had that course for a while.

                            First time I played Sonoma, the mini map was on/off. The second time had no issues. Strange.

                            Until, they fix Ardmore, you can work around it by lowering the LW's ball speed to .80 and also increase the chipping distance to cover all the greenside bunkers(35?). Then, whenever you're in a greenside bunker, make sure to select the LW. And whenever you need to use the LW for real, just select the SW, but you can still use the actual LW club.


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                              Are all of the new Protee courses that are coming out Red Chain courses?

                              I was looking at the Par2pro site and noticed that Protee and P3proswing both use the Red Chain engine. Is this currently correct? Are all of the same courses available to Protee and P3?