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GSX and GC2 not connecting

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  • GSX and GC2 not connecting

    I am hoping someone has run into this problem before and could steer me in the right direction. When I open GSX it says waiting. When I slide the button to connect it continues to say waiting. When I slide it off it says disconnected. It won't connect. I bought a new bluetooth adapter and that doesn't seem to help. I have restarted all the programs, my GC2, and the computer several times. Any ideas? I'd really like to finish the tour event, but can't at the moment without a connection.

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    They seem to be having server issues or something. Other people are having problems including myself, it might be related.


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      I would go back and make sure that you have the right COM port number set. Also, if you have an "A" serial number, you can check with an iphone or ipad and make sure that the bluetooth inside the GC2 is still working.


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        This happened to me after a recent windows update
        gc2 wasn't paired up in bluetooth
        connection came back after that was fixed


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          hi to all am in need of some help I have a gc2 and want to use TGC I can purchase it but not sure how to install and also I have heard ppl talking about GSX what is it and how does it help
          any help would be much apreciated


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            GSX is a software that grabs the data from the GC2 and passes it to the Protee golf interface, which then sends it to TGC. There is a sticky post in the Foresight section of the forum with step by step instructions. Protee has great support as well and will help if you need it.