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E6 Yearly for non sky trac owners

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  • E6 Yearly for non sky trac owners

    I asked Trugolf about this but haven't heard back. I may have not phrased it in the form of a question very well and I have talked to a rep and got the stock answer about their business partners etc...
    I know theres still a few ProTee owners on here and I just want to know (and let Trugolf know) if any of you would consider E6 as a secondary software, assuming you are using TGC as your primary if they sold it on a yearly basis as they do sky trac owners. I know most reviews would pick TGC over E6 as I would also for graphics but in my limited experience with the demo, I did like some features of it. There is absolutely no way I would pay 1500 for it (with 15 courses) but I would probably get it for 300 for a year. I just wonder how many of you would do the same. Since you need to own the software for the cloud, this might help sales of that also. Who knows, I might even buy a course pack or 2.
    There may not be others out there that feel this way but it was bugging me and thought I would throw it out there. Seems to me Trugolf is leaving some easy money on the table.
    I will leave you alone now Trugolf.

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    I might be in the minority here, but I like what I see in the E6 demo quite a bit. Graphically, it doesn't look as real as TGC, but the coloring and attention to detail is quite vivid on my projector screen. I also like the options a lot. Of course TGC is awesome and TGC 2017 will be even better, but I love having options. I was actually willing to buy the base software, but I own a GC2 and they know about the work around, but weren't really interested in selling it to me. The course packs are actually quite reasonable per 12 courses after you buy the base software. Trugolf was nice, but didn't seem to proactive in making a sale. I think when I pull the trigger, I will just tell them I am a protee interface user.


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      Yeah, like I said, I like E6 features and UI or I wouldnt even bother with this. I cannot justify - to myself but especially my wife :-) shelling out another 1500. I wouldnt have any heartburn with 300 and it might turn into 1500 eventually when you throw on a few years and a course pack or 2. Wives are funny that way. spend 300 five times and it's not as bad as spending 1500 once :-)
      Anyway, I think yearly should be an option. They would at least get some of my money because I cannot afford 1500 right now.


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        I cannot see anyone with a ST going the route of E6. Especially buying courses that would than take $400 a year to keep playing. This pricing model makes zero sense. It was bad enough a 100 per year to maintain access to TGC but its way more doable than $400.


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          OK...I'm not really talking about that though...I own a ProTee
          So if someone goes the route of TGC for sky trac it's 479 a year or 895 forever. Of course you would pick 895. Twice as much forever instead of a year...of course you would buy the whole thing.
          Again, I'm not talking about that though. E6 is 1500 if you want to buy it for a ProTee. 5 times as much as a year. I may not even have my ProTee in 5 years. I am not paying that. If I could pay 300 a year, I would. I am not paying 1500.
          Thats what this post is about. I guess the whole point of this post is lost and not many people own a ProTee anymore or besides Col and myself even like E6 so never mind.


          • wbond
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            Yep, sorry, completely missed the header of the thread that it was non ST users. I understand the issues with the pricing and agree, it doesn't seem to make sense with what's available out there that they keep pricing things the way they do.

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          I definitely see where you are coming from. They are definitely cutting themselves out of a market they should be in. If it was like Jack Nicklaus Perfect Golf which is a subscription, they could open themselves up to more sim users. I agree with you Bnorman58 and think they could expand beyond the commercial market and offer it up on a yearly basis for $250.00 to individual sim users. Win win situation for Trugolf if they did this!


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            Thanks Col. Thats not even to mention if someone wants the cloud for the games and/or more courses and will pay even more on top of that. Right now if a ProTee user wanted the cloud games, it would be 1500 plus that subscription and that's just not happening with most sim users.


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              Psst... don't worry about fun games for you, the family and kids. All I can say right now
              TGC Tours:


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                I also like e6. I have 1.6 and a gc2. It works just fine. Just tell them protee And they will sell.

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