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SkyTrak v3.1 Public Beta

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  • SkyTrak v3.1 Public Beta

    Hi all,

    As mentioned, I’d like to give you guys the opportunity to take v3.1 for a test drive before we officially release it. As with every other time I’ve done this, please keep comments, questions, and feedback within this thread and DO NOT CONTACT CUSTOMER SUPPORT for anything involving this public beta - I’ll handle everything in this thread. While there are still a few bug/cleanup items to take care of, I’d like to keep this beta period under 1 week.

    Here are the v3.1 Release Notes:

    - Added Shot Optimizer
    - Added SkyTrak Calculated Club Data (Angle of Attack, Dynamic Loft, Swing Path, Face to Path)
    - SkyPro Integration (replaces Club Head Speed, Angle of Attack, Dynamic Loft, and PTI)
    - Club Insights Integration (replaces Club Head Speed, Angle of Attack, Swing Path, Face to Path, and PTI)
    - Improved Club Head Speed Calculations for all clubs
    - Added Fairway Practice
    - Changed Ground Conditions to “Rough” if a Green is Present
    - Fixed Practice Green Hit/Miss bug
    - Fixed Metric/Meters bugs
    - Additional Report/Export Features
    - Miscellaneous Bug Fixes and Improvements

    Here are some additional notes:

    1. Club Data Screen – I initially wanted the club data screen to be a popup, but in testing it proved to be more of an annoyance than a benefit, particularly because I often wanted to see it or the ball flight whenever the other was showing. So, it made more sense in practice to make it a dedicated screen.

    a. SkyTrak Club Data – This is calculated club data based off measured ball data. In testing, it proves very accurate on center-struck shots. At this point, we are still working on improving the data for poorly-struck shots.

    b. Club Insights – This method uses a library of hundreds of thousands of shots hit on various launch monitors that measure club data. It simply matches up our ball data to a shot with the closest comparable ball data and applies the corresponding club data. On release, this will be an add-on package, but they have generously allowed us to include the option in this public beta. Club Insights beta functionality will cease March 11th. If this option is selected, then applicable values turn BLUE in the app.

    c. SkyPro – You can use your SkyPro to supplement some of the calculated club data assuming you have the latest SkyPro app from the app store. Here, you will need 2 devices (Connect the SkyPro to device A, connect the SkyTrak to device B. Device A and B talk to each other over BLE). Device B can be iOS or PC (Windows 8.1 or Windows 10). If this option is selected, then applicable values turn ORANGE in the app. *I understand this is going to be a complicated process for some…and will work on better instructions for release. Not so worried about this portion during this beta period.

    d. R-Motion – Still in development

    e. Since many of you may not wish to integrate with another device nor care to use calculated data, I added a simple Side and Top Profile view with Max Height and Flight Time that you can toggle to instead. This allows you to still take advantage of the Shot Optimizer. (green = in optimal range, yellow = close to optimal range, red = outside optimal range).

    2. Fairway Practice – We think this is a cool new feature that will help you practice your shots shaping. You access it just like practice greens (and there will be more practice areas to come in the future).

    3. To mimic fairway practice, I changed the rest of the field to “rough” conditions when using Practice Greens and Closest to Pin Challenge (Target Challenge uses all fairway ground still). Is this desirable? I can see the 'yes' argument to focus on carry, but can also see the flip-side for those who might like to run it up.

    4. If you get a prompt to upgrade the app when using this beta - IGNORE IT.

    This beta is only for PC (iOS is too hard to distribute outside of the app store)

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    Seeing this thread come to the top, makes me nostalgic for the days when we actually received software updates!


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      They're busy and you paid practically nothing compared to the competitors. Shame on you for even questioning what the hell is going on!