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SkyTrak v3.1 Public Beta

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    SkyTrak_Seth I'm assuming there is nowhere to see where the ball strikes the clubface? Toe hits, heel hits, center?


    • HappyGilmore102
      HappyGilmore102 commented
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      Skytrak = No

      Yourself DIY = Footspray on clubface (you probably already know.)

    • SkyTrak_Seth
      SkyTrak_Seth commented
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      We have no way to tell, or even guess at that unfortunately.

    • LotharFriend
      LotharFriend commented
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      Thanks for the clarification ... Foot Spray and Stickers it is!

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    Is export to csv also new to this version, or was that in a previous release? I haven't used it for a while and couldn't see any mention of it so was suprised to see it there today. Nice addition.


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      Originally posted by simmb View Post
      Is export to csv also new to this version, or was that in a previous release? I haven't used it for a while and couldn't see any mention of it so was suprised to see it there today. Nice addition.
      What, do you thinking we listen to our customers or something?

      Pushing for a fully formatted XLS next.


      • simmb
        simmb commented
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        So if you are listening when can we expect a device that measures absolutely everything, aligns and levels itself and keeps my beer cold? It also has to be a free upgrade.
        Seriously though we do appreciate all the hard work you and the Skytrak team put in.

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      Bug Report:
      Beta crashes when going into Practice mode when your last session was connected to the Skypro.

      Use Case:
      1. Use Skytrak with Skypro as data source (PC) with Skypro utilizing the iOS app... Hit some shots, etc.
      2. Turn off Skytrak software and Skytrak hardware.
      3. Reboot. (this may not be necessary but that is how it happened to me).
      4. Turn off iPhone completely to make sure that BLE connection is missing to Skypro.
      5. Turn on Skytrak hardware and run Skytrak beta.
      6. Go to Practice mode and that is where it crashes as I believe it may be looking for the Skypro BLE connection because when I turn Skypro back on with the iOS app, the crash stops.


      • MainStGolf
        MainStGolf commented
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        This happened to me as well. I accidentally ignored the crash message once and it simply went behind the SkyTrak screen and I was still able to use the SkyTrak PC range software. Of course when I hit the crash message button it closed down the software. I did that like three times. Even rebooted my entire PC and the SkyTrak itself.

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      SkyTrak_Seth I really appreciate all the work and letting us test out the beta. I love the club data feature. The three zones (LA, Spin, DA) is a nice touch.


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        Any thoughts on adding the Spin Loft calculation? Should be easy with the dynamic loft and angle of attack already being calculated. Can't wait to try 3.1 out.


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          I continue to get this error when going into practice mode. However if I minimize the message window I can continue to practice without a problem.


          • CintiGolfer
            CintiGolfer commented
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            I just purchased a SkyPro and when I connect with this selected for the club data, I get the same error.

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          I actually booted up a PC for the first time in 5 years to get in on this. Thanks SkyTrak_Seth ! I was surprised to find that my old top of the line Lenovo is now slower than my new iPad Pro.

          Had limited time with the software, but a couple notes:

          - It was an absolute bitch to set up for some reason. The unit just wouldn't connect forever - I installed drivers, tried direct, tried wired, everything. Nothing worked when going with the 3.1 as my first install. Eventually I installed the 3.0.2 (I think?) and was able to get everything working before reinstalling the 3.1. That seemed to fix the issue.

          - With regards to UI - I might suggest looking at a button on the ball flight / driving range screen to allow you to pull up club data. The click-path is a bit long and clunky when you have to pull up the sub menu and click into the ball data and reverse the process to get out.

          So far so good. Nice work on the update. Looking forward to putting some more time in.


          • bbjr
            bbjr commented
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            I agree that it requires too many mouse clicks to go back and forth, as it currently stands.

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          Since the SkyPro integration is now available, I purchased one yesterday. I don't think I am getting it to connect successfully to the SkyTrak app on a Windows 10 PC. I have an Android LG G6 phone. The Skypro app works fine on the phone. Has anyone been able to get an Android phone to connect to SkyTrak on a Windows 10 PC?


          • MysteryV
            MysteryV commented
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            I actually picked one up today as well. Hasn't arrived (obv) and I'm iOS so wouldn't be help anyway, but couldn't help myself.

          • bbb287
            bbb287 commented
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            I also am using an android (phone or tablet) and cannot see any data within the Skytrak interface from the SkyPro.
            1. SkyPro and phone / tablet displays all appropriate data
            2. Win 8.1 and the phone/tablet are connected via Bluetooth
            3. No data is being passed from the SkyPro to the PC
            -- Is there any indicator on the "Club Data" screen that shows you have a connection to the SkyPro (after it has bee selected from the drop down?
            -- Is there a specific version of the Bluetooth drivers required?
            -- Windows 8.1 with all of the latest updates installed

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          So when will club insights data be available - also yesterday my sim lost chs and aoa?

          Do we have pricing or availability date yet?


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            When using Skypro on and Android device, there is no data flowing to the SkyTrak app.
            Android app haven't been updated since March 2016. Apple version received latest update in January 2018.
            -- Is there an update required for the Android app to pass the data vie Bluetooth to SkyTrak?.


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              This release looks great. Everything looks close to me (Although reversed for a lefty). My only concern is AoA for shorter irons. 8 iron was showing 10 down which doesn't seem right, I was 4 down with a 7 iron the night before...


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                Just got a chance to hop in. Using a PC in direct mode (non usb) and getting a lot of non-reads. Ball spot light turns off...skytrak thinks for a second with the top light turning red and then green with the dot returning. Some of these misreads are on fantastic strikes too. Could it be a ball speed thing? It was much more prevalent with my long irons. It seems every one I caught a little fat got captured. I assumed it was the lower ball speed. Also getting the error that can be minimized (mentioned earlier in the thread). Almost every time I start up the practice range it also makes the windows device disconnect sound. I'm left handed if that helps in diagnostics. I can send log files if you wish, SkyTrak_Seth! Carrier pigeon is still the preferred method? :-P
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                  Originally posted by James James View Post
                  This release looks great. Everything looks close to me (Although reversed for a lefty). My only concern is AoA for shorter irons. 8 iron was showing 10 down which doesn't seem right, I was 4 down with a 7 iron the night before...
                  were you getting low launch with correct amount of spin?


                  • James James
                    James James commented
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                    No, normal launch and spin.

                  • Miura Mario
                    Miura Mario commented
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                    do you remember the exact numbers? its pretty easy to calculate rough aoa from spin and launch given we know the exact club you used - did you select the correct club as well? Im just wondering because my numbers came out pretty spot on

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                  It seems that Angle of Attack is really far off for me..its way too far down (12 degrees down with a 8 iron).

                  I think one thing that would make these calculations more accurate would be if a user can enter lofts for each club. The software must be assuming a certain loft for each iron, but if that assumption is wrong, then the calculations are going to be wrong (especially angle of attack I would guess).

                  If I am hitting with a 34 degree 7 iron, vs a new Taylor Made M4 7i that is 28.5 degrees, and I am launching both at 19 degrees, then I must be delivering less dynamic loft (and/or more downward angle of attack) with the 34 degree 7i. But the current software would have to make a guess as to the actual loft of the club in order to work that out...

                  How about it Seth?? Can you add a bag-setup screen so we can enter our actual lofts?


                  • AlwayzLearnin
                    AlwayzLearnin commented
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                    It's absolutely making assumptions about the clubs. I was hitting a 6i on the PW setting (forgot to change it when I switched clubs) and was getting a 33 degree AoA. My wrists aren't broken so I have a feeling that wasn't true .

                    As soon as I switched to the 6i setting all the numbers changed dramatically.