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Skytrak dead for right handed shots?

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    Originally posted by Bobsjohns View Post
    SkyTrak_Seth I tried to send you a PM but I get the message "Can not send message. User SkyTrak_Seth has exceeded their private message quota"
    i am getting the same, unable to send PM


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      Ack! Ok, thanks for letting me know. Try again after a few minutes...I'll clear out some old ones.


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        davidcody Did you ever hear back from seth?


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          I did hear back from him. My SkyTrak is headed in for repair. It will arrive tomorrow at the repair shop due to a terrible shipping kerfuffle (It was my fault). Also, before I herd back from Seth I had already spoken with ST customer service and they were very helpful.


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            I also heard back from Seth but I am waiting to speak with him again. I have PMed him but I think he could be on Holiday.
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              Hello everybody

              Me and my friends have been enjoying skytrak and tgc for month and half. And yesterday ST stopped reading RH shots. LH works fine.
              At first it missed only some shots with driver in ST range application so we checked the alignment and tried again and then it stopped reading at all.
              Tried with both USB and WIFI connections.
              Also tried the st reset.

              Also shot some videos to see if it is the curtain issue that is discussed here a lot lately.

              Here is the wetransfer link with videos shot with LH & RH shots and couple of pictures as well

              Can antone identify if it is a curtain problem as well or is fixable myself
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                Really sounds like a curtain issue.


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                  I do worry about the life span of the hardware parts but the customer service is unbelievably good, they really care about your user experience and the product. Agree about the curtain.


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                    Originally posted by wbond
                    There seems to be more of these coming to light. How soon/often does a laser curtain fail? Is this something that is to be expected like the flash on a GC2? If so, it should be stated so buyers are aware.
                    Im curious about that too. Is it something that I will need to plan on replacing at some point? Ive had my ST for 3 years and I've hit thousands of shots. No problems so far knock on wood. I would hate to be without it. I'm a right hand player if that happened could I just swap the left curtain for the right?


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                      Originally posted by Alphaseekr View Post
                      I do worry about the life span of the hardware parts but the customer service is unbelievably good, they really care about your user experience and the product. Agree about the curtain.
                      I think most don not worry about the hardware to much, but this seemed to be a faulty batch or something as they failed with in 6 to 8 months. everything needs maintenance but you want to really use it first

                      The customer service is awesome though but that includes with Seth. I think with out him they might be in trouble.


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                        We did finally get our Skytrak back on Wednesday. It took just under a month from the day we shipped it to the day we got it back, but this was through the Holiday Season so I can't complain. The unit was repaired and works great now, and we were not charged despite the skytrak being about 18 days out of warranty at the time of claim initiation.

                        My only complaint was lack of communication. I called several times throughout this process to check on the status of the machine and never got a straight answer about what was being done with it, or when we could expect it back. In fact, during the whole process the only contact I ever got from Skytrak was an email saying the unit had been shipped back to me, and didn't even note what had or had not been done with the machine.

                        Overall I'm happy with the entire process, and happy that Skytrak is standing behind their product. The Skytrak's run a major part of our business, and with one of the two we own being down, it would have been nice to have been better informed about the status of the machine, and when it would be back. If you're a general user, this probably isn't a big deal at all.