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Keeping SkyTrak parallel

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  • Keeping SkyTrak parallel

    My sim set up has been working pretty well, have a fiberbuilt mat with the skytrak and the metal case. However, the biggest issue I have run into is finding a way to keep the skytrak perfectly parallel to the mat and also move it off the mat like 5-6 inches so the red dot is sort of on far edge of the mat rather than 6 inches towards middle. What have people found to do this? Most of time it works great but there are times where I am like man I didn't cut that ball like that and check the skytrak and it has turned a couple inches.


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    Skytrak should not be on the same surface you are hitting from.


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      It is not on the same surface. It is off the mat pushed up against the mat to keep it parallel.


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        I have a FB 5x4 Traditional. My ST sits on a spare piece of floor tile, off the mat/tray, and adjusted via the case legs to level with the hitting surface. It never moves, because it, nor the tile, is not touching the mat/tray in any way. When I set it up, I set the tile and ST down so the dot was in the middle of the hitting strip. I then aligned it using the various techniques found on this board. It hasn’t moved since.

        No pics handy, sorry
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          You don't want it touching the hitting surface either.
          Originally posted by bloynoys View Post
          It is not on the same surface. It is off the mat pushed up against the mat to keep it parallel.


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            Interesting, I have the Fiberbuilt 5x4 as well and although it is very sturdy, it does seem to move over time.

            This is what I am doing right now (though I have replaced that board with a board that spans the 6 inches or so between the legs of the metal case) that sits up against the mat. Not having it against the mat would likely be better but how do you make sure it is perfectly parallel if not pushed up against it with small mat moves?

            Click image for larger version

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            • GarySatterwhite
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              If your mat moves at all it will move the skytrak and likely cause issues. Use something to get it parallel and then remove the object maybe?

            • 968Cab
              968Cab commented
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              1) I agree, line it up then remove the board...anything that sends vibration will eventually cause the ST to move. It doesn’t take much to get it slightly off-line.

              2) my entire setup is in a carpeted room, so nothing moves around unless I pick it up and move it, including that heavy-ass FB tray. 😂

              I’ve seen posts about anti-skid options for concrete floors, but can’t point you to them directly.

            • Morini
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              Here is another thought. Nothing says the hitting mat itself has to be parallel to the target line. Mark a target on your screen/net. Align the ST parallel to this. Perhaps tape down an a 5 foot alignment rod to the floor as a visual aid. Then it won't matter if the mat slides because it is unrelated to alignment. Simply focus on the alignment rod as your target line. If the mat slips too far, simply bring it back. But don't worry about it being perfectly aligned.
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            To build on what’s already been said... the chances of your skytrak being accurate while perfectly parallel is also rare. I found that a lot of people need to adjust the unit nearly every time they play so putting it parallel doesn’t always mean it’s going to read perfectly.


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              calebm1001 Any suggestions with it then? What do you do if getting it parallel isn't even good enough? I get it is the budget option here but how do we make it the best it can be? Thanks!


              • Morini
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                As 986cab states, trial and error with short chips. Don't be taken aback by the unscientific method of aligning the unit. It will be more than good enough. My son just took 30 7 iron swings yesterday and the average offline was ... drum roll please ... 0 yards off line. On a bad day it might be 3 yards. It is not that he is good, it is that the unit is well aligned, and left and right errors average out. I am too lazy these days to even check it with shots, I just eye ball.

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              Try lining it up with a target line on your screen / net. Then hit dead straight short chips to the target line. If the ST flight path shows you hit it straight, it’s lined up. If the flight goes left or right, but you hit your straight chip right on target, the ST is off a bit.

              Some guys even use a vertical laser line that passes thru sky track dots in align mode on the mat, and onto screen as a target.


              • trhuke
                trhuke commented
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                A $10-12 carpenters laser level works great for this. Run the laser line down the middle of your hitting area, see where it hits the screen. adjust accordingly, either screen, hitting setup or adjustable offset in some programs.

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              This has already been touched on. There is no need use a physical method to ensure perfectly parallel. Eyeballing is close enough. To help, you can push an alignment rod against each surface, and ensure that they look parallel. You can also simply use a piece of wood as a spacer, and then remove it.

              As has also been mentioned, in some cases the internals of the ST are not perfectly lined up with the edge of the case, so may be easier to simply trial and error alignment.

              Here is an idea: if the ST does not have perfect internal alignment, figure out the degree of error (it will be consistent). Take a piece of wood, and cut one edge to this angle (it should be no more than a couple of degrees, barely noticeable). Then simply use this piece of wood as a spacer, and then remove. Easy and accurate setup each time.

              I am considering some type of anti slip solution for my mat. A fitness store near me sells a huge (4x6), thick (3/4 inch), and heavy (about 90 pounds) rubber mat. It is only $50. I doubt it will move a millimeter. I would then make a cutout for my fibrebuilt, and glue some green carpet on top for stance mat.
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              • mmcfadin
                mmcfadin commented
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                If you have a nearby Tractor Supply they have a 4x6 3/4 rubber stall mat for $39 that work very well. I use them as the sub floor in my Sim and they do not move.

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              This is where I set my Skytrak Oit in the actual hitting mat. We play righty lefty and move the LM back and forth and absolutely no issues with alignment


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                Mine has sat for 3 years same place and there is literally groves in the turf so I know exactly where my skytrak goes if moved.
                I can take pics for ya tomorrow.
                I would either get double sided tape, or something like a piece of thin outdoor carpet and glue a piece down then put skytrak on it.

                Also for level all the time I glued little levels on the sides. So I know it’s always level.


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                  This is all great, thank you for all of your help! I think what I need to do is start with target line just in front of net or something (maybe hang string from ceiling), then orient the mat exactly to that and then orient the skytrak to that. All I have to do is do it right once and then maybe throw some sharpie marks on the ground for mat and skytrak and always know I am good!


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                    I used industrial Velcro for my mat, its works great and my mat is on a cement slab and has never moved. Like others have said just don't "assume" because your unit is parallel that it is aligned correctly, pitch and chips shots seem to work best for me when I align mine.... and my unit is slightly open to the target line and shots register as they should.


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                      Here's my setup. I have the stance area secured with a couple removable bolts stuck through the stance mat into holes in the floor. The Fiberbilt strip is snugged up to the stance mat.
                      The SkyTrak is set on the correct height piece of wood with a strip to keep it parallel. Then I have two slats that work as spacers, one lines the red dot up with the tee holders in the hitting strip, the other added to it moves the red dot closer a couple inches to hit off the surface of the mat.
                      You can mix and match the 2 slats so you don't hit off the exact same spot constantly. You can slide the whole SkyTrak platform and slats right and left to also cut down on wearing out one area, (although the Fiberbilt shows no signs of wear.)
                      Keep the Fiberbilt, SkyTrak platform and spacer slats snug up against the stance mat and you're automatically parallel. And adjustable!

                      p.s. A little study light behind and over the SkyTrak, pointed at the ball helps cut down on misreads and the light from it doesn't washout the screen dislpay.
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